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Internet Marketing Tools was founded in 2000 by Peter Dobler. We are operating out of the Tampa Bay area in Florida USA.



Peter Dobler, President and Founder

Hereís the address of our headquarter;

Internet Marketing Tools
8270 Woodland Center Blvd
Tampa, Fl 33614

(813) 322 3240


Peter Dobler, born and raised in Switzerland, moved to Florida in late 1999. He started his professional career more than two decades ago in software development. After working many years as a consultant for the 3 largest Swiss banks he founded his own consulting business in 1997. After a short start-up period he and his partners achieved a tremendous success and grew the company to a multi-million dollar operation.

To further expand the business, Peter moved from Switzerland to Tampa Florida. At the time the Tampa Bay area was one of the top 4 most active IT regions in the United States. Within a few months after settling in Florida, he split up with his partners and took his chance. This was the starting point for Internet Marketing Tools.

Once again he managed to grow his company into a very successful business, not bad for a new venture in a foreign place for him. Later he expanded the companyís direction into real estate. Visit Peterís real estate website at: http://www.suncoastrenttoown.com , now operated by his real estate company Dobler Properties LLC.

The latest addition to Internet Marketing Tools is the online marketing of affiliate programs and their products at their websites http://www.fl-home-biz.com , http://www.sell1on1.com and http://www.online-business-idea.com. The main focus is to provide fellow home business entrepreneurs valuable resources and tips to either get started with their own business or to expand their current activities.

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