Thursday, September 22, 2005

Is Bay Area Real Estate Risky Business?

Bay Area real estate is an ever-increasingly popular investment for prospective property or home owners in California.  The location is prime, and the price is always right.  Whether it is due to the area's oil-rich location near the shore, the beautiful weather, the breathtaking views, or the pocket-fattening constant tourist traffic in San Francisco, the Bay Area is a very popular choice of locations for both prospective real estate agents (who are seeing dollar signs, most likely) and prospective purchasers.


Since 2002, property values in the Bay Area have been rising; increases in interest rates have caused the actual cost of some properties to go up as much as 40%.  For this reason, many people are selling their properties at extremely high prices, equaling higher commissions for the real estate agents who receive a portion of the property's purchase price as payment for their services.  Just as there are people who are selling their properties at high prices, there are just as many investors out there who are willing to purchase these slightly over priced homes, office spaces, warehouses, or other properties just to turn around and sell them back when the values shoot up again.  It could be said that, while all investments are risky (especially when it comes to real estate) the values of real estate in the Bay Area is usually easily predicted, and is somewhat a safer and wiser investment than other real estate opportunities that may come your way.   The average price of a home in the Bay Area is in the neighborhood of anywhere from $500,000 to $650,000 and while your investment could backfire should these properties drastically decrease in value, smart bay area real estate investors wait to sell until the prices go up, maximizing the profit margin they could make off of the sale..  Of course, breaking even never sounds as good as making a hefty profit in your financial endeavors, but as an investor in Bay Area real estate using your head can have you doing well for yourself most of the time if not all of it; it is important not to forget that a reserve of start up funds is always necessary to enter into such a hefty investment as Bay Area real estate.


Bay Area real estate investors are beginning to start up a pattern of spending beyond their means when it comes to these high-priced properties.  Federal guidelines state that one should not take out a mortgage that equals more than 30 percent of your total monthly income; most wise people would take such legally mandated "advice" to heed, but more and more people are throwing monetary caution to the wind and, in attempts to catch a prospectively profitable investment opportunity many do get caught up in the ever-increasing housing market crashes, losing money in the end.  Of course, some people are more affected by this than others.


Bay Area real estate is a great investment for the smart investor, who knows the market well and pays attention to the fluctuations in property values.

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