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The Importance of Continuing Education

All licensed real estate agents start out in school; most real estate agents spend months taking detailed, intense courses on real estate laws, proper business practices, and real estate information, laws and programs specifically related to your own state.  After studying for weeks and passing a rigorous, detailed examination agents receive a license from the state to practice the business of real estate in their state.  It is usually at this point that the real estate agent newbies are sent out into the real world, sometimes to start up their own agencies but usually to another real estate agency at least to start out.  As with all jobs, it is difficult to start out in a particular trade, especially one as intimidating as sales.  The livelihood of a real estate agent depends on their ability to close sales, and there are numerous different tactics to use when an agent goes about doing this, but it is important to remain ethical and legal in every single aspect.


That's what Continuing Education courses are courses that are designed to give licensed agents the opportunity to expand upon their knowledge and gain greater skills in their trade.  There are a certain, minimal level courses that the state usually requires of an agent to renew their license to practice real estate every year.  Most of these courses are brush up courses, refreshing all of the knowledge and particulars of state laws as well as a little more of an introduction to good business practices, sales tips, with a little more focus on the actual sales presentation than the pre licensing courses.  A list of the required continuing education courses can be obtained from the particular state in which an agent is licensed.


In addition to basic real estate continuing education courses, there are some special designation courses that can be taken to enhance an agent's skill and giving them even more prestige in the real estate world.  Such special designations such as CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist), CRS (Council of Residential Specialists), ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative), GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute) are all designations that would appear on a billboard, business card, or yellow pages ad.  If you saw Nancy Gordon, Licensed Real Estate Agent, ABR in a yellow pages ad you could feel rest assured knowing that she had taken additional, more intensive courses and has had more experience dealing in a particular type of property business deal. 


As an agent who has been in the real estate business for a while looking to change firms or even to obtain a broker's license and open real estate firm of their own may wish to take more intensive continuing education courses, as well as obtaining a special designation or two.  Many of the larger, more established firms require that new agents obtain a college degree in real estate, so taking a few real estate business courses at the local university or community college might not be a bad idea, either.

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