Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Unique Qualities of a Great Real Estate Agent

In laymen's terms, Real Estate is the business of helping people buy and sell property.  As a real estate agent, your job is not always that simple, though.  It is important for a real estate agent to be very well versed in their trade; this involves knowing the laws of the real estate business in and out. They have to be able to successfully appraise the value of a home or a piece of land (to some extent, there are professional appraisers that can be hired to do a more exact estimation of the value).  They must be good with people, amiable, and honest.  Never underestimate the power of people and their ability to read others, especially since most times when people are in the process of selecting a real estate agent they are usually in an intentional, purposeful state of judgment.  It is important to establish a relationship built on trust between the prospective buyer or seller and the real estate agent. 


If you really want to know what makes a great real estate agent, think about when you bought your first house.  If you have never bought your own home, you probably will some day (especially if you are reading this) and in that respect, think about what you way you would want things to be when you decide to take that leap.  Homes are a big investment, they can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars.  Most people have to save up for the better part of their lives to afford their "dream homes," and it is important that your behavior as the agent understand how important of an investment buying a home is, and relating that understanding to your clients.  If you were the one making such a large investment, you would want to assure that your real estate agent could be trusted, and that they had your own best interests at heart, right?  In that same respect, you as the real estate must take into consideration that in a way, your clients look up to you.  Most of the time if they select you as their agent they are already assuming that you possess a certain level of knowledge, understanding, and compassion for their situation.  You must make sure to keep their best interests at heart because they already think you do, and the repercussions can be rather nasty if you fail them--that's what Errors and Omissions insurance is for, although that is another story, entirely.


Also, remember that real estate agents work overtime!  This is not a part time gig; the most important clients and those who are looking to make the bigger purchases (and more purchasing dollars equal more commission dollars for the agent) work a regular nine to five schedule or worse, and they may want to meet with you and look at properties during the evening hours or on the weekends, and several times a week when they are picky--and they usually are.


It can be said that real estate agents have some of the most rewarding and important jobs out there.  They can be an integral part of the American Dream; helping people buy and sell houses is a tough line of work, but someone has got to do it. 


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