Friday, December 02, 2005

Auto Refinance


You have probably heard of auto refinance before. Or simply refinance.
The term "refinance" actually refers to a financial situation wherein a
borrower finds financing to pay off a current loan. Refinance is often put into
practice in home buying. In fact, refinancing is one of the most popular
methods of getting financing for a home loan.

With auto refinance, the same thing applies. Auto refinance is basically
paying off one loan with a new loan. The goal of auto refinance is to allow the
borrower to save some money from your monthly loan obligations. And as such, it
is one of the best kept secrets in the financing industry. For years now,
people have refinancing their homes and saving thousands of dollars. However,
the practice of refinancing car loans has yet to be indulged by most. Why?
Perhaps the reason is that auto loans generally behave differently from home
loans and people are naturally skeptical about new methods. Regardless, auto
refinance is still a good choice, provided that the situation is right.

When to get an Auto Refinance Loan

The only way for auto refinance to work is if you get it when the
interest rates are low. Mortgage rates tend to move with interest rates.
Therefore, if interest rates are low, then it's likely that mortgage rates are
low also. Low mortgage rates typically mean low monthly repayments and this
then is the situation you should aim for.

Only few people really understand the time value of money. Keep in mind
that the longer you pay for a loan, the bigger amount of money you actually
spend for it. Thus, by the end of the loan period, you would have paid more
money on interest than on the principal. This is why auto refinance is
important for it is one of the few methods that could help you minimize loan
costs and maximize your savings.

Who can benefit from Auto Refinance?

Almost anyone with a loan to his name can benefit from auto refinance.
Even car buyers with bad credit can obtain auto refinance as a way for them to
lower down their APRs. Let's say, for instance, you make an auto refinance loan
for $16,500 on a new Honda Accord. At the end of six months, you agree to pay
off the amount at 21% APR. So for a few months, this will be your monthly loan

Then, you decide to take an auto refinance loan. However, this time,
your loan ate is at 6% APR. Your current monthly payment is $446 which gives
you total interest charges of $10,283 at the end of your loan period. Your auto
refinance loan offers you a monthly payment of $319 with total interest charges
of $2,639. Thus, by refinancing, you can save up to $7,600.

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