Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Common Search Engine Mistakes That Internet Marketers Should Avoid

Traffic to your web site is what will make you a successful internet marketer. If you cannot draw traffic, you will not make money. Normally the creator of a web site does so with the intention of generating traffic. You can accomplish this through various forms of advertising, but the least expensive way is through the search engines. A successful internet marketer will design their web sites to be attractive to search engines. No matter how impressive the design of your web site, you will not profit from it if the site is not noticed by the major search engines.

The effective use of keywords is probably the most important factor in search engine placement. If you pay little attention to keywords or use the wrong keywords, your web site will receive little or no traffic. The overuse of keywords is just as bad as having no appropriate keywords. If you repeat the same phrases over and over the search engines will downgrade your web site or skip it completely. Be careful to provide unique content on your web pages. Search engines will detect duplicate content and may refuse to index your site at all.

If you want to succeed as an internet marketer you must use only the keywords that are directly related to your business. The excessive use of unrelated keywords is an unethical practice that can cause your site to be classified as spam by the search engines and possibly removed from search engine listings. Make certain to use only the keywords that pertain to your particular business.

Including keywords that are simply there to generate traffic is not a recipe for success in the world of internet marketing. In addition, do not use hidden text as a means of attracting visitors to your site. Occasionally internet marketers will place hidden keywords on their site, usually by making the keywords the same color as the web page so that the words are not visible. This is also unethical and search engines are smart enough to notice.

Do not make the mistake of thinking all search engine are the same. Each search engine has its own rules that are subject to change at any time. Make a point to learn the particulars of each of the major search engines. Free web hosting is also a bad idea. Search engines will often rid themselves of content that is provided by a free host. If you are serious about succeeding as an internet marketer, you must be willing to build quality web sites with valuable content. You should also be vigilant in making certain your web site is complete. Missing graphics and links will not help you to generate traffic to your site.

These are just a few of the things an internet marketer can do to generate traffic and be recognized by the search engines. If you want to profit from internet marketing you must be willing to put forth your best effort in building your site and making it attractive to the search engines. You will waste your time and effort by attempting to build sites that contain spam or offer no real information. Internet marketing is a highly competitive business. Your success or failure depends on how much you are willing to put into your web site.

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