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Easy Ways To Create Your Own Graphics - Part 1

Life without color is boring.

Remember the early days of the movie industry, when all movies were shown in black and white? Or the days when television sets only showed black and white images? They used to entertain people in the past and, well, they can still be entertaining today. Without color however, these old movies and television shows look, well, old and boring. People are attracted more to new movies and shows that features vivid colors.

As life without color is boring, so is a new product without any good graphics or graphic design to showcase!

Imagine a book without any attractive cover to inform a potential buyer what it is all about. Again, people in the past wouldn’t mind this and still buy the book. But in today’s world of colored movies and television, the modern book buyer would be inclined to purchase a book with an informative graphic cover than one that has none. Without an informative graphic design to convey or even to give a hint of what the book is about, the potential reader is left guessing as to what he can get from the book.

In the same manner, albeit for a different reason, food products packed in a box filled with interesting graphics can attract a buyer better than products that have none. This is especially true for the cereal products that one buys for his kids. A food product with a nice graphical box would surely attract more attention than one packed in a boring and monotonous box.

Just as products in the real world are better off with good graphics, so are those from the online world. Graphics is very important in the World Wide Web. For a website itself to attract a lot of attention, it must have good graphics. But aside from making the site attractive, the graphic design also helps site visitors understand fully what the site is all about.

To persuade and to inform — these are the purposes of good graphic design in the online world. This is especially true for digital products that an online marketer sells. For example, an e-book or ezine with an attractive graphic cover can easily persuade a digital product buyer to purchase it. Further, the graphics on the digital product’s cover can inform a potential buyer what the product is all about.

Creating good graphics, therefore, is something that every online marketer needs to learn about. Gladly, there are a lot of graphics creation and editing software products that an online marketer can choose from. Some of these graphic software programs have been around since the beginning of the World Wide Web while others are fairly new.

But while there has always been a graphic creation and editing software for creating online graphics, it has not always been easy for anyone to create good online graphics. For one, most graphic design software programs in the early days of the web were crude, only allowing a designer to perfectly create a few simple shapes and designs.

Advances in online graphic design, however, have greatly improved the quality of graphic design and editing software programs. One product of this continuous advancement in graphic design technology is the Adobe Photoshop. With Photoshop, creating quality online graphics is now possible.

But while the Photoshop has greatly improved the quality of graphics being created for the web, its creators have made the least effort to make the software easy for everyone to use. While everyone can possibly learn how to create graphics using Photoshop, doing so may take a long time. This makes the program not ideal for online marketers who need to create graphics immediately without having to go through the long process of learning.

Graphics creation for e-books, ezines, software boxes, multimedia presentations, and other purposes, however, should not be difficult. In fact, with the various graphic design software products available on the web today, anyone can potentially create quality graphics without having to learn all that stuff about the Adobe Photoshop and all other complicated graphics creation software programs. One of the programs that make graphic creation really easy is the eCover Magic.

The eCover Magic is a product by George Sepich. In essence, this product allows anyone to create very professional graphical layouts without having to learn all about the complex procedures that are required using complex software programs. With eCover Magic, creating professional graphics for e-books and ezines can be done in a snap.

At the core of the eCover Magic is the Adobe Action Script. This script is the same powerful animation tool used in the Adobe Photoshop software to create amazing graphical designs. With Action Scripts, anyone can potentially create a professional looking and rather complicated graphics design much more easily. All the graphic designer really has to do with the eCover Magic is to edit the text, graphics, and colors of the graphic cover, and in no time, a new graphic cover will be formed. The program itself will handle all the hard stuff and complex procedures so there is no need for you to worry about them.

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