Thursday, April 20, 2006

How to create and run an ezine for profit - Part 3

<p>We all know that ezines are not just about sending thousands of email every
week to keep and attract new customers. It is also about offering insightful and
practical content. If you only talk about how great your services and products
are, surely your readers won’t stick around for long.<br>
But the main concept of an ezine in the first place is to assist you in your
advertising needs. You have the right to toot your own horn in your ezine as
long as you don't drown out the useful content in your ezine.<br>
So here are some notes that you should remember so that you won’t be making
fatal mistakes in your ezine.<br>
It is true that sometimes in life there is a thin line between failure and
success. The same thing also applies with this industry. Some details that we
feel are unimportant are the ones that are keys to our success or failure.<br>
First thing to look at is the FROM field of the ezines. Although many of us
would think that this is just merely a detail, it is the first thing the user
will see - who is sending the email and if they can be trusted. <br>
Use either your online name or the name of your business. Avoid any kind of
phrase or sentences in that field because it will cost you a lot. And avoid
putting ads in your FROM field.<br>
The subject line is the second most important thing in the email. Avoid putting
hyphens or other marks that will highlight your subject.<br>
For example don’t put something like this: “Earn a Million in a Week”. People
are smarter that you think. These kinds of things are never believable.<br>
Emphasize more on the purpose of your newsletter. And do not use more than 7
words in your subject line.<br>
Never ask for a purchase in the first mailing. A study shows that most
subscribers give their trust to you after 8 to 10 mailings. This is a common
mistake that most ezines publishers make; they have sales pitches in the first
Don't ever use Death Words; these are words that are banned by spam filters.
Don’t use words such as &quot;free,&quot; &quot;make money,&quot; &quot;hello,&quot; &quot;your family,&quot; and other
such words. Your ezines will probably go directly to the junk mail folder and be
deleted immediately. <br>
Avoid too much personalization. Even though personalization is a must to be able
to form a familiarity between you and your customers, over doing this may cause
havoc in your ezine business.<br>
Use more verbs than adjectives. You may come to think, what the heck do my
readers care about if I am using more verbs that adjectives. You may think that
they are not there to count your verbs and adjectives but to read your content.<br>
The most successful and best internet marketers have proven that verbs are much
more influential than adjectives. This can be seen by the use of “call to
action” verbs which are so strong that they can increase the response rate up to
700%. <br>
For example, use the verbs “boost” and “explode” rather than the word increase.
See the difference?<br>
I know that until now you are still thinking what a good ezine is or how can you
have the best ezine. Even I myself did not know the answer to this question.
Nowadays, many of us are into the ezine business to make profits and not to
disseminate factual and good information to help other people.<br>
With hundreds and thousands of ezines available on the market today, making your
mark in the industry is a very hard thing to do. When creating your ezines, make
sure to do it in a unique and different way; do not go through some of the
“being good” rules. Instead, make your own.<br>
In this way you can be unique and new; make them know that you are here to make
a difference. Mark your ezine with confidence and knowledge not with
profitability and unreliable content.<br>
Make your ezine a resource, not spam; make it knowledgeable so that other people
can learn from it. <br>
Always remember this: A good ezine is something that brings in profit, but does
not put at risk the wants of the readers. Your ezine is something that you
create so that it can be read by millions of people around the globe, so before
clicking that send button, think about this first: Does this ezine makes a
difference and can this ezine help me and other people as well?<br>
About the author:</p>
<p>Peter Dobler is a 20+ year veteran in the IT business. He
is an active Real Estate Investor and a successful Internet business owner.
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