Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Benefits of Time Management

Those who poorly manage their time while working from home may notice that their lives are full of stress, tension, and anxiety. This is just a natural byproduct from living a life that is out of order, chaotic, and as if you are constantly running in circles.

By adding order to your life, and by organizing your work, you will discover that you will reap many more benefits than just simply completing your work on time and meeting deadlines. The rewards of time management will reach into every area of your life.

Confusion is the worst environment for anyone to work in. Whether you are a freelance writer or an Internet marketer, trying to reach your goals while in a constant state of disorganization is basically impossible.

The feeling that you are overwhelmed and out of control is most likely a direct correlation to a lack of order in your work environment. The most important area that you need to focus on for time management is order and organization.

You should begin by organizing your work area. This means your desk and computer desktop. Many people don’t realize that their virtual offices are just as important as their physical ones. Your Microsoft office in order is as important as your home office.

Begin by organizing your home office, start with your desktop and invest in calendars, daily and monthly planners, and find a storage place for all of your work items. Managing your time begins with an organized environment.

If your desk is a mess, you will waste precious time that you could spend working looking for items just to complete your work. Your computer office must be well organized or likewise, you can waste time looking for files and other documents.

One of the main benefits from becoming organized and practicing time management skills is that you will be less stressed out. You will be able to meet your deadlines more effectively, and this will overall create an atmosphere that is more relaxed.

Another benefit for using time management skills is that you will be able to more effectively meet your goals. You should always make yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals and plans. This is a priority for time management and it is essential for success.

You should begin by assessing your plans and writing down and classifying your goals as yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily. You should also practice the habit of assessing your goals daily. Try to schedule the same time every night to review your goals.

With your daily goal checklist, you can also add more yearly, monthly, and weekly goals to your daily list. This way, you are making sure that you are completing all of your goals every day. By using a daily list you will meet all of your ambitions and aspirations.

The intrinsic rewards that you will reap by meeting your ambitions with success are great but you will also attain a higher value of living. Your work life will be in order and this will naturally extend into your personal life. Stress, anxiety, and frustration will decrease.

By taking the time to properly manage your work responsibilities you will discover that you can leave work in the workplace and concentrate more on your free time when you have it. Unorganized workers tend to have no separation between work and free time.

Another important area to focus on when considering time management is distractions. Many times distractions will rob your focus and ultimately, your work performance will suffer. Try to limit distractions by setting up a voice mail service on your phone.

By taking the phone off the hook when you are working you can avoid many distractions. Take it off the hook, turn the ringer off, or let your answering machine handle your calls. The phone is the number one distraction that robs people of precious work time.

If you need to make phone calls then you should figure that into your daily “to do” list. Plan ahead for the phone call by considering the main points of the conversation and try to stay focused on those topics. Avoid unnecessary talk and set a time limit.

Another interruption can come from unwanted or untimely visitors. When working from home, it may be difficult for some people to understand that you are indeed working and don’t want to be disturbed. Try placing a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your front door.

Finally, by incorporating these tips, you will reap the many benefits of proper time management.

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