Wednesday, December 20, 2006


This could be your big break!

This tightly held issue is in a booming sector and has just
begun a PR blitz that is starting to have everyone talking
about it and rushing to get in. When interest like this is
generated there is only one way to go and that's UP!

Physicians Adult Daycare, Inc.

Symbol: PHYA
Current Price: $2.23
Short-Term Projected Price: $4.25
Long-Term Target Price: $10.20

As the population ages, the economic value in the US market
for adult daycare is projected to grow nearly 600%.
Globally the potential market is a staggering $45 billion.

PHYA is right there to take flight in this red hot sector.
Check the recent news:

12/12 - Physicians Adult Daycare, Inc. Enters Into
Negotiations to Acquire 36 Adult Daycare Centers

12/14 - Physicians Adult Daycare, Inc. Announces Good News
for "Baby-Boomers

And just yesterday:

12-19 - Physicians Adult Daycare, Inc. Enters Negotiations
With Las Vegas Hotels to Accommodate Employees With Adult
Daycare Needs

With such big negotiations going on we are looking forward
to some incredible announcements.

The time is now. We called it last week at $1.50 Now at
$2.23 there is still plenty of room to run!

Don't let this one pass you buy. Do yourself a favor and
get in on this big break. More exciting news to come! \


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