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Easy Ways To Create Your Own Graphics - Part 1

Life without color is boring.

Remember the early days of the movie industry, when all movies were shown in black and white? Or the days when television sets only showed black and white images? They used to entertain people in the past and, well, they can still be entertaining today. Without color however, these old movies and television shows look, well, old and boring. People are attracted more to new movies and shows that features vivid colors.

As life without color is boring, so is a new product without any good graphics or graphic design to showcase!

Imagine a book without any attractive cover to inform a potential buyer what it is all about. Again, people in the past wouldn’t mind this and still buy the book. But in today’s world of colored movies and television, the modern book buyer would be inclined to purchase a book with an informative graphic cover than one that has none. Without an informative graphic design to convey or even to give a hint of what the book is about, the potential reader is left guessing as to what he can get from the book.

In the same manner, albeit for a different reason, food products packed in a box filled with interesting graphics can attract a buyer better than products that have none. This is especially true for the cereal products that one buys for his kids. A food product with a nice graphical box would surely attract more attention than one packed in a boring and monotonous box.

Just as products in the real world are better off with good graphics, so are those from the online world. Graphics is very important in the World Wide Web. For a website itself to attract a lot of attention, it must have good graphics. But aside from making the site attractive, the graphic design also helps site visitors understand fully what the site is all about.

To persuade and to inform — these are the purposes of good graphic design in the online world. This is especially true for digital products that an online marketer sells. For example, an e-book or ezine with an attractive graphic cover can easily persuade a digital product buyer to purchase it. Further, the graphics on the digital product’s cover can inform a potential buyer what the product is all about.

Creating good graphics, therefore, is something that every online marketer needs to learn about. Gladly, there are a lot of graphics creation and editing software products that an online marketer can choose from. Some of these graphic software programs have been around since the beginning of the World Wide Web while others are fairly new.

But while there has always been a graphic creation and editing software for creating online graphics, it has not always been easy for anyone to create good online graphics. For one, most graphic design software programs in the early days of the web were crude, only allowing a designer to perfectly create a few simple shapes and designs.

Advances in online graphic design, however, have greatly improved the quality of graphic design and editing software programs. One product of this continuous advancement in graphic design technology is the Adobe Photoshop. With Photoshop, creating quality online graphics is now possible.

But while the Photoshop has greatly improved the quality of graphics being created for the web, its creators have made the least effort to make the software easy for everyone to use. While everyone can possibly learn how to create graphics using Photoshop, doing so may take a long time. This makes the program not ideal for online marketers who need to create graphics immediately without having to go through the long process of learning.

Graphics creation for e-books, ezines, software boxes, multimedia presentations, and other purposes, however, should not be difficult. In fact, with the various graphic design software products available on the web today, anyone can potentially create quality graphics without having to learn all that stuff about the Adobe Photoshop and all other complicated graphics creation software programs. One of the programs that make graphic creation really easy is the eCover Magic.

The eCover Magic is a product by George Sepich. In essence, this product allows anyone to create very professional graphical layouts without having to learn all about the complex procedures that are required using complex software programs. With eCover Magic, creating professional graphics for e-books and ezines can be done in a snap.

At the core of the eCover Magic is the Adobe Action Script. This script is the same powerful animation tool used in the Adobe Photoshop software to create amazing graphical designs. With Action Scripts, anyone can potentially create a professional looking and rather complicated graphics design much more easily. All the graphic designer really has to do with the eCover Magic is to edit the text, graphics, and colors of the graphic cover, and in no time, a new graphic cover will be formed. The program itself will handle all the hard stuff and complex procedures so there is no need for you to worry about them.

About the author:

Peter Dobler is a 20+ year veteran in the IT business. He is an active Real Estate Investor and a successful Internet business owner. Collect more free software and bonus content for your own web site at

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Common problems why your ad did not work

Ever tried to run an ad in an ezine or newspaper and got no response?

When this happens, most people are puzzled. They blame the publication, ezine, or website for the lack of response. But what they don't consider is that the problem is usually the ad itself.

No one wants to hear that their lack of response is due to the ad they painstakingly crafted. But with a few simple fixes, that ad can pull sales the way it was supposed to.

Here are a few common ad problems and how to twist them for maximum selling potential.

1. Your ad is not daring enough. People see literally hundreds of ads every day from the milions distributed on the internet. Half the time they do not even know they are seeing them. We are so used to being approached from all angles, such as television, newspaper, Internet, magazines, etc. that we learn to tune everything out.

Once in a while, something gets through the barrier and that something is usually an ad that screams to get attention. If it is not bold, bright, and active enough to reach out and grab our attention, people simply do not see them.

The key is to make your ad bold without being annoying. For instance, if you want to burn your company name into people's minds, make your logo big and keep the rest a little more subtle. Your unique selling points, or whatever is most important for people to know, are what you should push the hardest, make the boldest.

2. You sound like everyone else. You may offer a product or service that many people want, but your ad does not communicate this because it appears like all the others. If you cannot let consumers know that you offer something that stands apart from the rest, they do not really care.

Look for a benefit only you can provide. A problem only you can solve. If your product or service offers nothing entirely unique, highlight something your competitors fail to mention.

3. You did not give your ad enough time. Keep in mind the rule of seven. Seven out of ten people will not respond to your ad the first time they see it. Try not to give up before you give your ad a good run. When you advertise the same ad over and over again, you give the bulk of your audience time to really absorb the message.

Have a professional write your ad to ensure that it is written for maximum selling power. Then run the ad over and over again in different mediums like newspapers, ezines, sig files in email, etc. Your audience will see you, remember you, think about you, then buy from you.

4. Your ad worked, but your site did not. Who knows, maybe your ad did work like a charm. Maybe people flocked to your site to buy. And maybe when they got to the site, they decided not to buy because they could not find the order button or because the information was not clear.

If your site is not clear, people will not trust you, and therefore, will not buy from you. Make sure your site design is simple to navigate and your information is written in a concise manner.

To instill the confidence of your customers in you, put up a photo of yourself on the contact page, along with a phone number. The fact that you can be reached by phone goes a long way to making people trust you. Include testimonials from past customers. Make sure you have the full name of those from whom you include testimonials.

5. You did not stick to your marketing plan. All successful marketers have a plan. They do not just wander randomly through the world of advertising. Your plan may not work right away, but that is another thing you have to plan for.

Do not give up. Just when you are ready to throw in the towel, that is when things are likely to turn around. These things take time. If you follow the guidelines above, great response to your ads is inevitable.

When your ad doesn't bring you the results you hoped for, look for one of the problems above. Fix the problem, do not give up and try again. That is the professional way to advertise your business. Stay with it and you will see professional results.


About the author:

Peter Dobler is a 20+ year veteran in the IT business. He is an active Real Estate Investor and a successful Internet business owner. Collect more free software and bonus content for your own web site at

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What is Bridging Finance?

Commercial Lifeline

Once you understand what the term, "Bridging Finance" means, it's easy to understand how it got its name. The purpose of a bridging or bridge loan is to provide short term cash for a real estate transaction until permanent financing is secured. Bridge loans are commonly used to "bridge the cash gap" when completing commercial real estate transactions.

Everyone knows it's difficult to time the sale of one property to coincide with the purchase of another property. The slightest delay can wreak havoc on the transactions and create obstacles that are difficult to overcome. Having to pay two mortgages, whether for residential or commercial purposes, for any length of time can spell financial disaster. This is where bridging finance helps.

The goal of a bridge loan is to remove this financial obstacle so that a commercial transaction can proceed. In the majority of situations, "bridging finance" provides additional funding so a company can= continue to pay the lease on its existing commercial property for as long as it remains on the market.

There is a process to go through before a bridge loan is approved. If you've already developed a relationship with an institution, that's a good place to begin. If not, it's time to start looking for a lender with which you feel comfortable. Go through the bridge loan pre-approval process to see how much of a loan you qualify for. With pre-approval in hand, you can act quickly once a desirable commercial property becomes available.

One general requirement for obtaining a bridging loan is collateral. Most applicants will be asked to secure the loan with some sort of significant collateral. Examples of collateral include heavy machinery, business equipment, inventory, other commercial or residential properties owned by or the applicant and even properties involved in the purchasing process.

Having a great credit history, for both your business and your private= life, and a solid relationship with a lender always helps when applying for a bridging loan. There have even been situations where bridge loans were approved with only a signature – no collateral necessary!

Even with good credit, however, expect to pay a slightly higher rate of interest for this type of short-term bridge loan. One-half of a percent or more is typical. The maximum length of a bridge loan is usually twenty-four months. The lender has to make some money on the deal and the higher interest rate is where the opportunity lies. Other factors are also involved in determining the interest rate. The applicant's calculated credit risk, the value of the items being used as collateral and the amount of time the loan is needed all factor into the equation, too.

If you think applying for a bridge loan makes sense for your situation, work with a US Commercial Lending organization that specializes in this type of loan. They'll help with all the steps necessary and= they'll offer advice along the way. Don't be afraid to shop around for better rates and terms! The commercial lending market is very competitive and it's to your advantage to do business with a lender that will work with you and not against you.

About the Author

Commercial Lifeline are Commercial Mortgage and Bridging Finance specialists.

Download our free Commercial Mortgage guides by visiting our Commercial Mortgage Guide page.

This article comes with reprint rights. Feel free to reprint and distribute as you like. All that we ask is that you do not make any changes, that this resource text is include, and that the link above is intact.

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A Unique Ladder of Success Revealed

The Internet has opened a whole New World of opportunity for even the smallest home-based business owner. There are countless numbers of new self-made millionaires who have achieved their newfound success on the Internet. They started their Internet businesses from the ground up, found a niche, and built their success one day at a time.

So the question is; Can you really make the same money and success on the Internet? The fact is that you too can really make money on the Internet, a lot of money. You must take the necessary steps though to make it happen. You must have a desire to succeed and the attitude for success.

Do you want to be an Internet success in a few weeks or in just a short few months down the road? If you are sincerely passionate about your success, you will succeed. There is so much to learn about Internet marketing that sometimes it can get overwhelming, especially if you are just starting out. What you learn can be translated into cash when you apply your knowledge to succeeding online. We hear a lot about people making obscene amounts of money online. Most of it is true. Some of it is just plain hype.

The true secret to creating a successful Internet business is pure determination. Most people fail just at the moment they are about to succeed. Why? Because they give up. They lack the true passion that it takes to succeed. As long as you keep trying, you'll never fail.

Below is a list of what most success stories feel are the most important ingredients for Internet success:

Sincere passion. In order to be successful, you must be completely passionate about your business and your success. If you don't have "sincere" passion, you won't have the necessary personal drive that it takes to succeed.

Your own domain. Businesses hosted on a free server are not taken seriously and are generally considered to be unprofessional. If a company doesn't care enough about its business to get its own domain name, potential customers may not feel comfortable doing business with them. A company with its own domain name and a professional looking website will have a much higher rate of success when compared with most business sites hosted on free servers. Your domain name should be broad enough that you can grow your business without making that name obsolete.

You must provide your visitors with fresh content on a continual basis. To create a steady stream of traffic to your website, you must give your visitors a reason to visit and continue to visit in the future. Text should be easy to read and easy to assess. The basis of any website should be well written body text, even if you have the most amazing animations or videos to share.

Targeted traffic. Your website may receive hundreds of visitors each day. However, if they aren't interested in the products or services you're offering, your web traffic won't mean a thing. You must drive a continuous stream of targeted traffic to your website.

Killer Sales Copy. Your words are the entire foundation of your business. Your product, website and marketing strategies all co-depend upon your words. You must learn how to write persuasive words specifically written for your targeted customer. You must feel your customer’s needs and write your copy with passion, excitement, and benefit.

Killer marketing strategy. Developing a successful marketing strategy is an essential part of your online success. In order to succeed, you must develop and implement a strategic plan that includes a great product, a website specifically designed to sell, and a killer marketing strategy.

Each plays an important role in your overall strategy and must be developed to its fullest potential. If even one step fails, your chances of success will be minimal.

Accepting credit cards is an absolute must. If you're doing business on the Internet, you must provide your visitors with an easy online ordering process and the ability to pay for their order right online.

Your attitude is the most important factor in determining your success. You must think positively and be willing to tackle any obstacle that comes along. The fact is, you can do whatever you put your mind to. You simply have to believe you can and believe in yourself above all else.

About the author:

Peter Dobler is a 20+ year veteran in the IT business. He is an active Real Estate Investor and a successful Internet business owner. Collect more free software and bonus content for your own web site at

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What's The Truth Behind Your Finances?

Jay Ball

Between 15 - 20% of people in our country (UK) own there own businesses. This statistic is on the rise thanks to the incredible invention of the Internet. The staggering truth is that of these only 5% are genuinely financially free! You may well see lots of expensive cars driving on our roads and big houses inhabited by the seemingly wealthy, but these houses and cars are not yet paid for.

Never in our history has it been so easy to lend money. Banks and building societies are falling over backwards to lend us money. You can sign your life away to a 50-year mortgage these days if you choose! Banks and building societies are offering 125% mortgages to first time buyers and business is looking outwardly great.

The credit card companies also love today's economy. You can borrow enough money on a credit card nowadays to buy a brand-new car! The loan companies are also cashing in on ignorant and naive individuals and this really concerns me. The advertisement marketplace is going wild on media adverts for consolidation loans. You know the type? "We will help you to consolidate all of your existing loans into one affordable monthly payment" They call this type of loan a HOME OWNERS loan. Yes you can consolidate all of your existing debts into one affordable monthly loan, but what do you call affordable? People are consolidating their present debts into one huge debt and loaning the money to repay this new debt. To actually repay this debt in full will take these people years. What's more they've secured this loan on their one and only ASSET - their HOME!

These unfortunate people aren't thinking about the future and their long-term future plans, they're thinking about the immediate and present situation. In the meantime what happens when the interest rates begin to rise? The interest rates on a consolidation loan will take years to pay off and whilst you owe money to your lender you're not secure at all because your consolidation loan is secured on your home.

What does this mean?

If you cannot pay your loan the Loan Company will TAKE YOUR HOME as payment!

The reason it is so easy to lend money at present is because the interest rates are so low. At the time of writing this web page our present government has set the base rate of lending so low that people are dangerously getting themselves into debt through their own ignorance towards the economy. What is really happening will become all too apparent in the next few years when the tide turns and the interest rates begins to rise sharply. If you're not financially free or in control of your assets when the tide turns you will lose everything. History always repeats itself and sooner or later a recession will hit the world trading markets and all of those people who borrowed huge amounts of money to buy their big house and their BMW or Mercedes will be in big financial trouble.

Wait, it gets worse!


Once the tide turns the interest rates will saw and if you're not secure your financial world will come crashing down. The mistake that people have made is to foolishly believe that their loan rates will remain the same, they won't. Let me explain in simple terms to you my theory by giving to you a simple example:

If you have a current 'interest only' mortgage of say £100k and the interest rate applied is £5% your monthly payment will increase with the interest rate. What happens if the interest rate climbs to 10%? Your mortgage could double. In 1989 the interest rate sawed to 15%. If this happens (and it could) your present mortgage payments could treble! How will you survive financially?

Your mortgage payments could increase by 300% inside 12 months and any other loans you may have will also require payment. If your wage doesn't allow sufficient funds to meet these demands than you will lose everything slowly and painfully. When the interest rates do begin to rise (and they will) the debt consolidation companies will cash in on you. Before you know it you could owe money for the rest of your life and if you can't pay what you owe than your lender will take your car your home and the clothes off your back to meet their demands.


My advice to you is to pay off your existing debts as quickly as possible. If you are driving around in a car that is financed by a finance company pay this loan off as quickly as possible. Contact the finance company and ask them for a final settlement figure. This way you'll know exactly how much debt you're in. If you can afford to settle your finance early than take advantage of this and settle immediately. This way you'll own your car outright, you'll have paid less in interest and you'll have some equity if you need it. If you can't afford to settle the finance at the present than check what interest rate you are currently paying and search around on the Internet or in the high street for a lower rate of interest. Whatever you do, don't delay in taking control of your finances today.

Another mistake people make is to fall into the trap of 'false economy'. They begin with the right intentions by searching for a lower rate of interest for their mortgage. What this means is that their monthly payments become lower. The mistake they make is to think they've got more money in their pocket. In affect this is a false economy. Instead of settling for more money in your pocket and still enduring a 10 year (or whatever) term loan ,why not use this extra money to increase payment on the capital of your loan?

This simple technique is called 'Mortgage Acceleration' The Banks and Building Societies know all about Mortgage Acceleration they just don't mention it because it loses them lots of money in interest payments!

If you increase the capital payments of your mortgage every month you're paying off the entire loan quicker. If you can shave 2 years off your loan you've not only shortened your mortgage by 2 years you'll have saved yourself a packet in interest charges. A 25-year £50k mortgage repaid 16 years early could save you over £60k in interest! (dependant on the interest rate) Ask your Bank or Building Society about 'Mortgage Acceleration' and see the look of loss on their face!

Don't settle for a lower rate of interest and extend your loan payments thinking that you're saving money, you're not. You are only extending your debt! You need to pay off this loan as quickly as possible whilst the interest rates are low. The longer you take to pay off your mortgage the more interest rate the Bank or Building Society will take from you. Whilst the interest rate is currently around 5% accelerate payment NOW and save even more money! Take advantage of the fact that if the interest rates are currently low than the amount of interest that you pay on top of your loan will be also low. If you can afford to increase payment whilst the rates of interest are low than I urge you take advantage of this immediately. If there is any way that you can accelerate your loan and pay it off early than I would strongly advise you to begin your financial organisation here and organise this today. A simple increase of £50 per month in mortgage payments will save you money in= interest payments in the long run. Your first step to taking control of your financial world is to pay off all of your existing debts as quickly as possible. When you have no debts, you'll be financially free and you'll feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders.


Contact the bank or building society that you have your mortgage with. Ask for a final settlement figure on your mortgage and also enquire into the current interest rate that you are paying. Chances are that if you've not checked the interest rate you are currently paying in the past 12 months than you could save yourself money immediately by choosing a better deal. There are currently plenty of lenders all willing to offer you competitive deals on your mortgage and I would advise you to check them all out before you commit yourself to one. A simple saving of 1% in interest can save you pounds every month. With this saving in interest payments, use this extra money to increase your capital payments. If you only manage to shave a year off the length of your mortgage it will be one less year that you are in debt and one year sooner to becoming financially independent.

Talking of your mortgage, if you currently have an Endowment policy running alongside your mortgage than investigate this policy thoroughly. Most endowment policies are useless in today's interest market. What this means is that when your mortgage term ends there may be insufficient funds in your endowment policy to pay off what you owe to the lender. If this is true than your lender will be knocking on your door for this short fall. If you can't afford to pay than you could lose your home after 25 years or more of payments! Recently I read that some Endowment policies were running a short fall of up to £13000! If this happens to you you'll owe your lender £13k plus interest!

The smartest mortgage you can take is a straight 'repayment' mortgage. As well as paying the interest back to your lender you are also paying the capital off from the offset, therefore reducing the total amount you owe quicker. My advice is to accelerate your mortgage and pay it off as quickly as possible before the interest rates sky rocket and your payment doubles or even trebles. When the tide turns (and it will) you'll be smiling in the content that you own your home and you own your car and nothing can take these away from you.

These ideas have been taken from Jay Ball's brilliant '10 simple seeds to success' 334 page paperback book, 12- hour CD course, and 334-page e-book. Check out his website!!!!

Jay Ball is a leading business psychologist in the UK who is deeply passionate about his purpose in life - to teach as many individuals as possible how to free themselves of debt, misery and worry! He is the author of '10 simple seeds to success' and 'Believe & Achieve' as well as the MD for SUCCESS ACADEMY in the UK. Check out his website:

7 Common Psychological Factors That Determine the Decision to Buy a Product either Online or Offline

In our daily lives, we are always affected by outer influences that greatly affect our daily decisions. It may be a thing that we can see or an emotion that we can only feel. Sometimes we are also affected by some factors that we can never clearly explain, like our intuitions or the so called sixth sense. Then of course there is the influence of people we trust, like family and friends, from whom we seek advice.

We sometimes make decisions based on our own beliefs and other times based on what other people tell us. But in the world of psychology, they have categorized these reasons and have come up with lists of the most common factors that affect a buyer’s decision.

First thing is the Post Purchase Behavior; what is meant by this term is that a certain individual has learned something from his previous purchase that may affect his future product purchase.

Like for example, he bought a gift for a certain individual that is close to him, thinking confidently that the person would like what he bought. He gives it anxiously to that person, only to find out that it is not even close to what that person likes, causing a great disparity in what he believes the person likes then and now.

Sometimes the buyer also feels a period of anxiety known as cognitive dissonance; the consumer is not sure whether he or she has made the right decision. This kind of psychological effect is greater when the price is high and when alternatives are similar. It is also a great deal when the purchase is perceived to be important.

Buyers try to reduce dissonance by seeking positive reinforcement.

Cultural Influence is also a great psychological factor that affects a buyer’s decision. As obvious as it is, buying decisions are influenced by social forces.

Cultural influence has the most indirect impact that affects a buyers purchasing decision. We are all a product of handed – down culture, and this influence changes very slowly over time.

One good example of this is the multicultural countries of Canada. Ethnic subcultures have a profound effect on how Canadians live their lives. The most obvious subcultural differences are between French and English–Canadian, although many other subcultures exist as well.

Social Class Influence is another thing; social class represents an interesting way to look at a market. Social class is influenced by such factors like education, occupation, and place of residence. This can be used as a basis of segmenting or grouping the markets and may reflect the aspirations of consumers.

Social Classes exist whether people care to believe it and admit it or not. Differences in beliefs and attitudes exists across class boundaries and social class may be a better predictor of buyers' behavior than income.

Because basically, people who are in the high class of society can afford a much higher value than compared to the groups that belong to the lower or middle class.

Next is the Reference Group Influence. This refers to the groups we interact with and who influence our attitudes, values, and behaviors. Small reference groups establish norms that influence purchase decisions and their word-of-mouth is considered to be more powerful than advertising and other commercial forces.

The family and household are considered to be very influential when it comes to these kind of factors.

Motivation and Need is another thing that greatly affects a persons' purchasing attitude. Motives are either physiological or psychological. Need Motivation is a need sufficiently stimulated where an individual is moved to seek satisfaction.

Many different motives are often involved in a purchase.

Perception also greatly influences a buyers' drive to buy. This is the process of receiving, organizing, and assigning a meaning to the stimuli that are detected by the senses. This influence is impacted by selectivity. Selective Attention, which means that only those stimuli that capture and hold attention can be perceived.

Selective Distortion, this means that the consumer alters information that is inconsistent with their beliefs and attitudes, while Selective Retention is where consumers retain only part of what they perceive.

Learning is a very powerful form that influences buyers' decisions. Learning something good or bad about a new thing can cause changes in a buyer’s decision-making process.

Personality and Decision are also great factors that influence a certain individual’s decision-making process. Personality is a pattern of traits that influence behavior, but it is not always clear how personality affects consumption behavior.

A consumer tends to act in a way that is consistent with his or her self-concept.

Attitude is one of the most important concepts in understanding consumer behaviour; it is a learned disposition to act in a certain way. Attitudes are formed over time, are slow to change, and are excellent predictors of behavior that can affect a buyer's choice of product.


About the author:

Peter Dobler is a 20+ year veteran in the IT business. He is an active Real Estate Investor and a successful Internet business owner. Collect more free software and bonus content for your own web site at

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Affiliate Programs Can Be Very Beneficial To Internet Marketers

An affiliate program is, simply defined, a sales job in which you earn a commission. You will be an independent representative of a company, offering their services and products to prospective customers. When one of the customers makes a purchase, you get a portion of the profit. Internet marketers can increase traffic to their own web sites and make money form the sales of others through affiliate marketing programs.
Internet marketers can be affiliates for several products from multiple companies, on as many web sites as you operate, in as many businesses as you desire. You don't have to travel to remote locations, yet the internet places you in front of a worldwide marketplace. This gives you incredible diversity in the products you choose, markets in which you do business and neighborhoods in which to sell, all from the comfort of your own home in front of your computer screen. You could possibly make several sales at once, but you will never have to deal with face-to-face rejection. When doing business on the internet, you don't necessarily need to make sales to earn lucrative commissions. Certain affiliate marketing programs will pay you if someone just clicks on a link you place on your web site, fills out an application, or even requests additional information. And here's the most attractive part - your web sites work for you twenty four hours a day, each and every day.
Commission rates will depend on the types of products or services that are offered. Tangible goods that will have to be shipped to customers will pay lower commission rates than products like ebooks or software that can be downloaded immediately. However, 10% of a $600 television is more money than 60% of a $40 software program, so you have to remember to consider the big picture when deciding what affiliate programs to join. For the best affiliate sales experience, you will want to offer products and services that will appeal to the targeted audience of your web site. As an internet marketer, you will need to appeal to the interests of your customers when placing affiliate links on your web site.
There are various ways to join affiliate programs. Some retailers operate their own program, and you will join through the merchant web site. But many internet marketers choose to operate through an affiliate network. These independent companies offer sign-up, payment, tracking and affiliate program management services to retailers and affiliate marketers. A couple of well-known names are Clickbank and Linkshare. Simply perform a search for affiliate programs and you are sure to find more.
Your sales and clicks are tracked by software. It is your job to make sure your links follow the procedures and rules posted by your merchant or affiliate network. Some browsers, ad-blockers, and coding practices can prevent the tracking links on your web site from functioning correctly, and you might not get credit if one of your clicks results a sale. Most affiliate marketers encounter this problem eventually. When it happens, remember it's not intentional, so do not feel as if you have been victimized in some way. Internet marketing technology is very good, but it's not perfect.
For almost all internet marketers, joining affiliate marketing programs give you a cheap and easy way to get started in an online business. These programs can help you produce income while you learn internet marketing techniques and work towards developing your own product or service.


About the author:

Peter Dobler is a 20+ year veteran in the IT business. He is an active Real Estate Investor and a successful Internet business owner. Collect more free software and bonus content for your own web site at

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Multiple Income Streams Mean Success As An Internet Marketer

Most internet marketers, whether operating their business part-time or full-time, by themselves or with partners, from home or an office, devote a lot of time to their business. In most cases, even more time than a regular job requires. They are willing to pay this price in exchange for the benefits owning your own business provides. But almost everyone, including those who work as employees, neglects the idea that they are relying on a single idea to provide their livelihood. In other words, they are relying on one source of income, however rewarding it may be. In today's competitive internet marketing industry, it makes sense to build some additional sources of income that will provide an income safety net and accelerate your financial rewards. This is known as building multiple streams of income.

The ideal form of income stream is automated, expandable, will fund itself, and will require no ongoing maintenance for the internet marketer. This means the multiple income stream will continue to flow and expand with little or no maintenance required on the part of the owner, and that no additional monetary investment will be required to operate or grow the stream. Very few sources of income fall entirely into the ideal category, so as you develop your own multiple income streams, you'll need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks to each and find the income source that works best for you. Internet marketers must be diverse and willing to expand into several markets if they expect to create multiple sources of income.

A popular way of creating an income stream is through the promotion of a network marketing plan. If you find the right company and product, that has widespread appeal and a certain degree of market exclusiveness, you can recruit and train others within your organization to match your success. Once your organization reaches a certain level of sales revenue you may find that you have a self-sustaining source of income that will continue whether you actively work at it or not. However, use caution when considering network marketing plans. While you can find opportunities that will lead you to success, beware of those that have a history of not delivering the profits they promise or only profiting those at the top of the ladder.

Affiliate programs are an excellent way of creating a stream of income. By placing links to your web site on the web sites operated by others, you can generate traffic to your web site and increase your sales. If you operate multiple web sites that feature different products or services, linking to affiliates is a sure way to increase your visibility to the public and be recognized by the search engines. In return, you provide links on your web site to those of other affiliates. Depending on the particular program, you will be paid a commission each time someone clicks on an affiliate link on your web site or each time a sale results from that click.

Internet marketers have unique opportunities to create new multiple income streams. From online retailing to dating services, from specialty software to information publishing, the internet has made it possible for individuals to inexpensively and quickly create additional sources of income for themselves, in areas that hold a special interest to them. Internet marketing is a unique vehicle that will allow you to develop multiple income sources quickly. Research various internet marketing opportunities and find the ones that will provide you with dependable, multiple income streams.

About the author:

Peter Dobler is a 20+ year veteran in the IT business. He is an active Real Estate Investor and a successful Internet business owner. Collect more free software and bonus content for your own web site at

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Time Management Skills Are Critical To Your Success As An Internet Marketer

The key to developing better time management skills is to shift your focus from simply being busy to concentrating on accomplishing your goals. Many internet marketers spend each day working frantically only to accomplish very little. Concentrating on the wrong things is counterproductive and can cost you precious time and lead to a loss in profits. Many internet marketers regularly expend enormous amounts of energy and seem to achieve very little. You can stop procrastination and enjoy success in all your internet marketing ventures if you learn the appropriate time management skills.

Time management is the art of using your time wisely in order to get the best results for your efforts. Determining your work priorities, setting realistic goals, and planning effectively will enable you to get the most out of your time. By discovering your own strengths and weaknesses, you can implement a plan that will allow you to be a more productive and successful internet marketer.

Enjoying what you do is important for your success as an internet marketer. Every job has elements that are unpleasant and tedious. Proper time management will minimize the time you spend on tasks that you dislike. Allowing more time for more pleasant jobs will lessen your frustration and you'll enjoy success in the world of internet marketing. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses can help you direct your efforts in the most efficient, enjoyable direction.

To be truly effective and achieve success as an internet marketer, you must learn to manage your time wisely, concentrating on the right things instead of working frantically and accomplishing very little. Completing all your essential tasks in the right order can save you a tremendous amount of time during the day.

Internet marketing can be the most rewarding job you have ever had. The ability to be your own boss, set your own hours, and provide the products and services that are of personal importance to you is well worth the time and effort you invest. Managing your time wisely will make the sometimes lonely existence of an internet marketer more pleasant and rewarding. When you see the profits from your efforts, the hard work will no doubt be worth it.

No matter which niche or market you choose to venture into, managing your time wisely will speed the process of creating a steady stream of income. Internet marketers are in business to make money. Developing good time management skills is imperative to your contentment and profitability in the internet marketing arena. Just as a sound business plan and wise product selection directly affect the amount of money you will make, managing your time efficiently will provide you with self-satisfaction and a sense of pride in your accomplishments.

Internet marketing is a wonderful opportunity to improve your life and create steady income. The way you use your time will directly affect the success of your endeavors. You can succeed in all your business ventures if you use your time in the most effective manner. Internet marketing is highly rewarding and profitable. Make the time you spend developing your business the most efficient it can possibly be. You can save yourself wasted effort and frustration if you learn how to manage your time wisely.


About the author:

Peter Dobler is a 20+ year veteran in the IT business. He is an active Real Estate Investor and a successful Internet business owner. Collect more free software and bonus content for your own web site at

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