Affiliate Program Review

ClickBank offers over 2000 information products (electronic books and software) for you to sell and receive a commission in return. This is the preferred broker for internet marketers to sell their products. It is easy to join, both as a seller and as an affiliate.

To get an idea what to expect you can search the entire ClickBank database by clicking here.



How To Get Started

  • Click here to go to the ClickBank registration form and sign up as a new affiliate. Choose a nickname that doesn't look like a name. Preferably numbers work the best.

  • Browse the product catalog to choose the product you want to sell.

  • You will see a couple of important information next to the title of the product.

    • The percentage of the commission you will receive when you sell it. Make sure it is at least 50%.

    • The code you need to use to refer potential buyers to the sales page of the product. Your nickname will be used to distribute the commission to your ClickBank account.


  • Copy and past your affiliate code to your web site or to your classified ad. I prefer to mask the affiliate with a redirect page from my website.


Information Image

Redirect web pages

Here's an example on how to mask your ClickBank affiliate link with a redirect page from your web site:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" 
content="0; url= NICKNAME/PRODUCT NAME">

Copy an paste the above example into a html file, upload it to your web site and name it redirect.htm for example. When you access your html file it will automatically redirect your browser to the product web site with your affiliate name embedded. is much easier to implement than the cryptic code with your affiliate link.



  • Payments twice a month and always accurate.

  • Large commissions, up to 75%.

  • No web site needed. You can use your affiliate link within pay-per-click engines like Google AdWords and your customers will be directly send to the product web site. Although Google recently changed its policy you will still get decent clicks on your ads.


  • Cryptic affiliate link and easy to hack affiliate links. ClickBank just recently announced a new affiliate link version that will be much easier to use and should protect your commissions. I need a little bit more time to research this, but I will share my results as soon as possible.

  • Lot's of competition.

  • Very limited variety of products.


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