Cheap Domain Name Registration

Cheap domain name registration is essential, because in the near future multiple domain names will be as common as multiple email addresses. This requires to find and utilize the cheapest way to actually register for a domain name. Of course ".com" will always be the preferred root domain.

Besides the price one the criteria to choose a domain name provider is the reliability of the service provider. If your domain name provider is going out of business you will have a tough time to gain control over your own domain. To keep the domain name active it has to be resubmitted every year. That's one of the services you actually pay for.

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If you have your doubts about the quality of your current domain name service provider you always have the option to transfer your domain name to another provider. This can be done online and in minutes. Some domain name providers charge a hefty fee to do this, because they don't want to loose your business and if they do they penalize you for doing so.

Years ago domain names were very expensive and having more than one was considered a luxury. Today multiple domain names are as common as multiple email addresses. This is mostly due to the add-ons of top-level domains such as ".com", ".org" or ".gov". The latest additions look something like ".info" or ".name" to just name a couple. What does this mean? It means that the mathematical possibilities are endless. Although ".com" rules, but more and more businesses offering their web sites out site the ".com" world.

I recently registered my name as a domain name. is my latest domain name. It is easy, it is cheap and it will boost your name recognition.

Multiple domain names are also important for search engine optimization. You could get penalized by the search engines for spamming their URL submission gateway. Search engines only need the top level domain name to crawl your web site. E.g. and are treaded the same.

So how do you submit a new "mini site" to the search engines? You have 2 options.

  1. Create a new domain name for each "mini site" or new web page you specifically designed for sales purposes.

  2. Create sub domains like from the example above.


Multiple domain names

Cheap Domain Name Registration


  • Shorter domain names.

  • Easy to remember.

  • High impact on name recognition.


  • Each domain name must be registered which means annual maintenance fees.

  • For non-IT savvy marketers very difficult to create. Several steps are involved.

  • You need to keep track of many domain names to make sure that they won't expire.

  • You need a separate web host for each domain name.

To register your domain name you need to make sure that your domain name provider offers these services.

  • Automatic renewal (You don't want to loose your domain name because you didn't remember to renew your registration)
  • Low cost (The cheaper you get your domain name the more domain names you can order...)

  • Ability to assign domain names to another web host. (If you outgrow your current web hosting provider you want to be able to transfer your domain name to another web host)

My favorite two domain name providers are:

  • GoDaddy (Very cheap, full service domain name provider. I like it a lot.)
  • (Also a cheap domain name provider that is in business for a long time)

Sub domains

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  • No need to register another domain name.

  • Easy to setup.

  • Virtually no costs involved.

  • Name recognition can be achieved as well.

  • You can have as many sub domains as you want on only one web host.


  • Longer domain names.

  • Not as a professional appearance as a pure domain name.

Sub domains are very popular to give your web site more structure. Basically it is a directory name in url format. To explain the differences between a directory and a sub domain would be too much for this page.

The most important thing when creating sub domains is to make sure that your web hosting service offers unlimited sub domains. Most of them limit the use of sub domains to 5 or 10 for free and then charge you for each sub domain.

I prefer Host4Profit as my main web hosting service. They offer unlimited sub domains which is great for mini sites and they also offer additional web hosts at a discount.

Host4Profit perfectly supports my choice of running a combination of multiple domain names and many sub domains for search engine optimization purpose.

Added bonus: Host4Profit seems a bit pricy for a single domain web host, but if you use a combination of multiple domain names and sub domains is actually gets very cheap at the end. To make it even more attractive Host4Profit pays you $10 residual for each referral. Two or three referrals and your web hosting is FREE

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Cheap Domain Name Registration