Post Topics To Discussion Forums How To Guide

Why should you participate in a forum? Especially in a forum you really don't care much about. Simple, you plant the seed of your web site address with every post you make.

Most forums let you have a little signature at the end of your post. Use it as free advertising space. Forum topics get archive and search engines love forums. They will crawl forums much faster than static html sites. Also search engines tent to rank forums higher in the results.

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So go out there and sign up to as many forums you can and post new content, answer questions or start a poll. Anything that will give you exposure. On the other hand this is a great place to establish yourself as an expert on a certain topic.

I'm running a forum that focuses on helping other marketers to promote their products and to practice forum posting skills. Yes there's an etiquette you should follow when posting to a forum. I promise not to jump all over you in case you didn't follow these rules. :)

Click here to go ahead and post anything you like. Of course any unfit postings will be removed by the moderator. I need to keep it clean!