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Search engine advertising is pretty much the opposite of search engine optimization. What do I mean with this? Quite simple. You buy your way to the top of the search engines. No waiting time, no aging of the domain name, no guessing about how well your web site will perform in the eyes of the search engines.

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Let's take a closer look at how it works. I in case you ever wondered where all these sponsored links on the results pages of Google and Yahoo are coming from. Well, that's paid advertising. Based on how much your are bidding on one single click your ad will be ranked higher or lower in the display hierarchy.

This process is as sophisticated as simple at the same time. Pay per click search results are the main income stream for the major search engines. Did you ever asked yourself the question, how did Google make so much money?

Now you have the answer. Why wait and gamble with your web ranking if you can buy your way out. No so fast. If this is your attitude you will go broke before you know it. You need to learn how it works. If not your just wasting your time and you money.

Information ImageI recommend Googlecash as the bible to pay per click advertising. Why? Because it not only shows you how to do it, it also comes with additional bonus material what really is way more worth than the report itself. I don't necessarily agree with the income claims of Googlecash, but one statement sure is true. The earlier you get this book the less money you waste with Google's AdWords.


Having said this, Googlecash only applies to Google's pay per click program. The other and older competitor is Overture. That's Yahoo's pay per click search engine. Yahoo recently bought overture and completely incorporated it into Yahoo. It's now called Yahoo Search Marketing. Other than Google where your choice of keywords and your click ratio will determine how much you pay for one single click. Yahoo goes strictly by bid value. If somebody bids 1 cent more than you they will be ahead of you in the ranking.

How can I survive the bidding wars and still have a fair chance of exposure? Like Google, Yahoo let's you set a daily budget value. Lets say you don't want to spend more than $5 a day on clicks. Both Yahoo and Google will stop displaying your ad after you reached your daily maximum budget. This works for you competition as well, unless they have unlimited funds available. But all the other small businesses have to watch their budget as well. And there's your chance to get exposure ahead of your competition. In the end it all works out well.

I never had any issues not having enough clicks, quite the opposite, too many clicks. And far to often not the right clicks. Keep in mind you pay for the clicks no matter what. If you attract the wrong people with your ad then they will exit your website or web page as quickly as they arrived. No sales and you wasted another valuable click.

That's why I strongly recommend the book Googlecash. It seriously will save you a lot of money and you will avoid costly mistakes.


Information ImageHere's a list of pay per click search engines I personally use.

  • Google AdWords (The fastest and easiest way to put your web site in front of millions of internet users)

  • Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly known as Overture)

  • 7search (a fairly new company with good connections, you pay as you go. Once the funds are exhausted you need to refill your funds.)

  • AdLandpro (Free classified service that provides pay per click as a site product, can't really tell if it works well)


As a little extra here's a list of pay per click search engines that will give you a sign in credit towards you advertising. This means that your first few clicks are actually free. This is great free advertising with pay per click search engines. All of these little search engines dream of being the next Google and want to attract new customers. I'm not recommending to use their services beyond your free clicks. They simply don't have the market exposure than the major search engines.

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