Top Affiliate Programs Reviews

This is a very provocative topic. Who decides what the top affiliate program is without being biased? I will list my top affiliate programs, but let me first explain how I came up with the ranking.

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To be considered a top affiliate program this program first needs to proof itself. This means that the best commission plan doesn't mean a thing if the product doesn't sell. The same thing is true if there's to much competition.

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Here is my criteria list:

  • Membership programs are on top of my list. (Residual Income)

  • Make sure that the program is not "over" advertised. (Stone Evan's PIPS web sites are great for beginners, but you do the math how many people are advertising the same affiliate programs with the same products.)

  • Advertise only products that you would buy as well. (If you wouldn't who else would buy it?)

  • The price of the product is secondary. (For some strange reasons more expensive products tent to sell better than the cheap ones.)

  • Prewritten sales letters, emails and ads are great, but make sure that you make some minor modification to set yourself apart from the crowed. (Just imagine how you react if you get the same email with the same message over and over again from different advertisers.)


After reading all this stuff you might ask why in the world should I join an affiliate program? Well, if you don't have your own product to sell or your product isn't quite ready for distribution. Affiliate programs are your only choice to make any money on the internet.

Don't get me wrong I like affiliate programs. I just don't like to be a 100% copycat and this requires a bunch of work to make it unique. I made my share of mistakes and I know how it feels when you put all your effort into a ad campaign and nothing happens. Not even one single sale.

Yes it is a numbers game, but also can make the numbers a little bit more in your favor. Just enough to step out of the crowed and attract the customers you want. I can't stress it enough. In case you already red a lot of my material. I'm always referencing Ken Evoy. Why? He wrote the book about successful affiliate marketing. He also runs one of the most successful web hosting services that really supports the affiliate program model the best.


Here's my top 6 list of affiliate programs

  1. IMT Global
    This is the official affiliate program of the Power Blog and Peter Dobler's Internet Marketing Tools. 60% commission on every sale. The tools are unique and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Free to join.

  2. Plugin Profit
    This is the mother of all affiliate programs. For the past 10 years Stone Evans has produced and then produced some more.

  3. JDD Publishing
    Jim Daniels owns and operates online businesses since the mid 1990. In internet terms, he started in the stone age of online marketing. His new book 'The New Age Work at Home Plan' sets new standards in how you should think about your home business. To signup with Jim's affiliate program you simply download this free report. Then you will have access to his affiliate program, which is very well organized.

  4. Software Gold Club
    The Software Gold Club is a premier membership site that overdelivers each and every month. Referring new members pays a residual income of $20 every month. Most people sign up for this membership site to get some of the most unique and robust tools available.

  5. Text Link Ads
    Cash in on your website's PageRank. If you have a website with a PageRank of 3 or higher, check this out. This could pay for your web hosting, autoresponder and other expenses.

  6. Directory of Ezines
    Charlie Page runs this programs now for years with increasing success. If you're in the business of internet marketing, ezine marketing is your livelihood and Charlie delivers exactly what you're looking for.