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If you don't know HTML or even worst you don't know what HTML is, you need help. Well, only if you want to publish a web site of course. The age old question is who can help me and how much does it cost? I have good news and bad news. First, you can help yourself, but it will cost you some money.

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Are there free web design services or software available. Yes and no. If they are free they are loaded with advertising and other stuff. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but you pretty much put yourself into a disadvantage from the start.

Remember you first goal is to drive traffic to your web site. Unless you just doing it for fun and your family. To attract visitors you must be able to stand out from the crowd for the search engines. No matter what you hear or other 'experts' are saying. Search engines are the livelihood of your business. If nobody knows that you're existing you don't have a business, period!

Information ImageLet's clear the first misperception, fancy web sites with off the wall graphics are nice to look at, but they hardly sell anything. As a small business most of the time you have only one shot at a sale. A visitor finds your web site and he/she either buys or leaves. You don't get another chance.


Of course there's always an exception. If you are creative enough to create a content rich web site with information that will be refreshed and added, visitors will come back to see what you have to say. But for all the newbies this is out of reach at least for now.


Information ImageLet's focus on how to create a web site that sells without any knowledge? First you need to learn how it all flows together. The key to success are so called mini sites. Please read this book "How to create killer mini sites that sell like crazy" to get the basics.


Now you have the knowledge to put your business on the internet map and you still don't need to know anything about HTML. Most web hosting companies offer web design software with their services. Take a look at my recommended web hosting companies.


My favorite tool is MS Frontpage. I know there are cooler editors out there for less money or even freeware. Well, I like the all-in-one feel and the ability to focus on the content and not the technical implementation. Yes MS Frontpage generates a lot of unnecessary HTML code, but you can safely ignore this for now. There are methods to correct this.