What is a "Viport?"

"Viport" is short for "Viral Report."

In order to access this free report, we simply ask that you tell 3 friends about it.

When you do so, the report will automatically unlock itself.


One of the biggest lessons of  the information age has been that completely free information will not sustain itself.

The author of information will not continue to create unless he somehow benefits from his work.

The Viport helps the author benefit by ensuring that more and more people are exposed to his report, thus allowing him to benefit from the publicity generated more so than he would if the report were simply posted on a web page.


The Viport came about as a result of a conversation between Mark Joyner and Mike Chen.

Mike Chen programmed the Viport Creator and donated it to ListDotCom.  At present ListDotCom has the only authorized Viport technology.  A free Viport creator is provided for all ListDotCom members.

If you would like to create your own Viports simply sign up for ListDotCom (it's free) and you'll have instant access to the quick and easy Viport Creator.