Write An Article How To Guide

One of the most effective advertising methods is to write an article and publish it as many times as possible. If you ever read an article you noticed that at the end there's always a little box about the author with a reference to his/her web site. Articles are usually free to republish unless otherwise stated.

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Now imagine what this means. You write a little article (400-500) words about anything you like. Preferably about something you have some sort of expert knowledge. Add the 'about the author' box with your name and web site and bingo. Your article will travel the internet and leave you web site url in many places.

Articles are typically archived and accessible for many years. If you have an article you want to publish right now visit my forum and you can publish it there. To access all the websites that are publishing articles you can go to Google or Yahoo and search for article directories. You will get millions of results. Work through them one by one. Keep track on to whom you send your articles. If you send the same article to the same editor several times it might backfire and your name is no longer welcome.

Information ImageI'm using a little tool to help submitting and keeping track of articles. It is called EzineAnnouncer. I couldn't do the work without. It's probably the best spend money on any article related expenses. Take a few moments and read the overview of this amazing tool before you decide to do it yourself.


To save you some time here's my list of the best article directories. Of course this list might be outdated at the time I'm writing this. Things are changing quickly on the internet.



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