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6 Basic Principals Every Online Business Owner Should Know

The fact that you’re reading this article shows your interest in starting your very own internet business. Maybe you’re already an online business owner in search of some answers why your online business stalled. Even if you’re just interested in what others have to say about online business startup guidelines, I think these are the 6 fundamental principals that will make or break your online success.

They are not in any particular order. From my experience you need to implement all 6 principals to lay a solid foundation for your online business. If customers ask me why they don’t have any success with their online business, most of the time I will find at least one violation of these 6 principals. It doesn’t mean that implementing a missing principal will guarantee instant success. However you will dramatically increase the odds to become a successful online business owner.

I don’t expect that you believe a single word I’m saying. Just put your own online business to the test and see if these basic principals apply to your situation.

1. Don’t Buy Into The Hype.

The Internet can be a confusing place. If you’re getting serious with your business you will come across a lot of empty promises. 99% percent turn out to be exactly that, empty promises.

Stick with what works and choose your suppliers based on service and on how long they are in business. The Internet is a fast place and being in business for a couple of years means that you can expect world-class service and quality.

2. Don’t Spend Too Much Time Online.

Don’t forget your family and your friends. You will get drawn into this vicious cycle of wanting to do more and more. Remember success doesn’t come overnight and time away from the computer benefits you and your family. Stay healthy while doing this or you won’t be able to enjoy your success.

3. Take Your Time.

Success with a home based Internet business doesn’t come overnight, despite the promises from all these emails and websites you come across while pitching your own business. The latest announcement, that Google is aging its index lists puts a new spin on quick success. Apparently Google now weights the age a website to determine its relevance and therefore its ranking. This means no matter how hard you try and how many tweaks you make to your website, it doesn’t matter to Google. So, take your time and be patient.

From my experience it takes at least 4-5 months before you see some sort of returns. With Google’s latest announcements maybe a little bit longer. This means that you must keep track of your expenses or you will go broke before you can cash in.

4. Lock Up Your Credit Cards.

Here’s a very important tip. You are highly endangered to go broke if you make hasty buying decisions after late night online session. Before you enter your credit card number, bookmark the site, wait 24 hours, go back to this site and if you still think that you need this product buy it. You will save a lot of money by avoiding unnecessary or worthless purchases.

5. Be Persistent.

Simply don’t quit. I know it can get frustrating having no sales or no hits for weeks. That’s the nature of the business. I had months where the sales happened almost hourly and there’s times when I didn’t see any action at all.

Just keep pounding the rock. All successful people in the world have one thing in common. They are persistent in what their doing.

6. Be Unique.

Nothing will kill you online success quicker that being a pure copycat.

Keep this in mind. You will probably sell the same stuff as hundreds or thousand of other businesses. So why should somebody buy from you and from you only? Be yourself! Put your personal touch on it. Sometimes it’s a good thing to point out the negative of a certain product as well. Your potential customers will appreciate your honest opinion and trust you in future product announcements.

Remember it’s your reputation and your ability to move emotions of your customers that sells.

As I said, you don’t have to agree with me. I found these principals the key factor in my online business success.

Peter Dobler
© 2005

Peter Dobler is a 20+ year veteran in the IT business. He is an active Real Estate Investor and a successful Internet business owner. Collect more free software and bonus content for your own web site at or send a blank email to


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