Sunday, July 10, 2005


This is the most exciting electric R/C truck to be released in years. The E-Maxx is the best performing electric monster truck on the market today and light years ahead of the competition. The E-Maxx is perfect for both back yard bashing and racing.

E-Maxx has been so far the best handling large-sized electric monster truck ever produced by Traxxas. It has more torque and top speed than any electric monster truck ever produced. Its the suspension delivers 4 inches of maximum ground clearance and over 3.5 inches of super plush suspension travel with eight oil-filled shocks.

It has twin fan-cooled 550 motors have 30% longer armatures and more torque than standard 540 size motors. Its 4-wheel drive makes the truck capable of going over any terrain and improves handling on the race track, especially around curves. It includes an electronic speed control (ESC), not a mechanical speed control or MSC. An ESC provides a lot better performance than a MSC in terms of throttle response and battery run time, which is why you want one. The stock ESC, which is called the EVX, is made by Novak and has many features, including forward, reverse and brake functions. The overall design is very tough and can take a lot of abuse.

Features of an E-maxx are very tough, molded composite chassis with battery cutouts that lower the center of gravity when using side-by-side racing-style battery packs. The battery holders accept both stick packs and side-by-side race packs. It comes with a custom painted body with precut decal set. It has body mounting posts, which allows for a large variety of body choices.

It also has a two speed, manual shifting transmission. Low gear provides brutal acceleration and tons of torque for climbing and doing wheelies. High gear provides an insane top speed of around 30 mph with 7-cell battery packs or 23 mph with 6-cell packs. Its pinion and spur gear changes are very easy to do. Morever, a huge variety of gear options can be installed. Its stock motors have internal fans and run very cool. Cooler running motors last longer than hot running motors.

E-maxx comes with ball-bearings, which improves performance in terms of top-end speed and battery run times. It also comes with a slipper clutch, which reduces transmission damage. This is especially true when jumping the truck. A very important feature of E-maxx is that it comes as Ready-To-Run or RTR, which means that one does not have to build it or install a radio system. Its battery packs are also easy to install and remove.

A huge assortment of aftermarket parts is available for improving both the looks and performance of the E-Maxx. It is good for both backyards bashing and racing. It give an outstanding performance at jumping because of awesome suspension system. The battery run times are outstanding considering the size and weight of the E-Maxx. Morever its parts are easy to obtain and can also be ordered online via various hobby e-shops.

As regards to the company, Traxxas provides outstanding customer support - probably the best in the R/C industry. It has also changed the way people view the monster truck category. The added advantage of this is that the E-Maxx comes within a very reasonable price category.

Although E-maxx has so many advantages. Nevertheless, it has its own drawbacks as well. Its stock steering servo is somewhat weak; that is, the steering servo will not turn the E-Maxx tires while the truck is stopped. It is also somewhat vulnerable to damage. A steering servo cover is recommended for deep grass or brush running. Although the truck is marketed as ready-to-run, but the tires need to be glued. It is also not offered as a kit and some people like to build their own vehicles. if someone is into exact scale realism the E-Maxx is not for sucha person. E-maxxx requires dual battery packs for operation, which means one has to buy a lot of batteries.

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