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Traxxas is the market leader in ready-to-run (RTR) nitro and electric radio controlled models. Traxxas continues to advance the RTR category with innovative thinking and fun designs that make it easy for anyone to get started in the world of R/C models. From the phenomenally successful T-Maxx and E-Maxx monster trucks to on road and off road vehicles, Traxxas defines ready-to-run. Batteries, chargers and fuel (for nitro vehicles only) are not included with Traxxas models and must be purchased separately

Air filter for the traxxas needs to be cleaned very importantly for regular flow of the fuel. In order to achieve proper cleaning of the same a complete guidance is necessary. It is also important to always run the engine with the air cleaner installed!

The air filter prevents harmful dirt and foreign objects from getting into your engine and destroying it. A nitro engine is precision made and you don't want dirt and grit to get in their while it's running at 40,000 RPM! At those astronomical engine speeds, dirt will quickly ruins lovely expensive engine. Periodically, as the foam filter gets plugged with dirt (reducing power), one should remove it from the engine and clean it with household dish washing liquid, Simple Green degreaser, or some other degreaser. Gasoline or other strong solvents should be necessarily avoided as these could damage the filter. In a pinch, one can also rinse the filter clean with Rubbing Alcohol or even nitro fuel. It needs to be made sure that the filter element is dry before re-oiling the filter. Moreover a small cable should be used to tie to secure the filter to the carburetor to prevent the air filter falling off!

First the air filter from the carburetor needs to be removed. Then throttle is required to be opened fully and squirt a one second burst of WD-40' into the carburetor. This also need to be done for the glow plug hole inside of the cooling head.

Placing a towel over the glow plug area of the cooling head would enable to catch any WD-40' that may come out of the engine. Next the engine is to be cranked over with the EZ-Start system for about 10 seconds. If the model uses a pull starter, several series of short pulls should be made in order to circulate the WD-40'. This procedure needs to be performed several times.

Then the air filter element from the filter housing should be removed. Clean the element and housing components with warm soapy water or dish washing liquid and allow the pieces to dry completely.

The air filter base needs to be squeezed just below the housing and then the base out should be pulled out from one side for easy removal.

The element should be cleaned with fingers until completely shining. Compressed air can be used to accelerate the drying process of the air filter components. Once the filter element is dry, apply 30 drops of Traxxas air filter oil should be applied, part #5263, evenly around the entire element.

Thirty drops of Traxxas air filter oil is suffice. Oil from the element should not be squeezed out. Instead it should be spread evenly on to the element with fingers until there is an even color of oil throughout the entire element. Then the filter element should be reinstalled into the filter housing.

Traxxas recommends to clean the air filter after every hour of runtime with the engine (approx. one 500cc bottle of fuel). If the vehicle is operating in very dusty conditions, cleaning the air filter after every 30 minutes of runtime will be necessary to promote long engine life.

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