Sunday, July 10, 2005


If you had been using been running cheap nimh 6cells 3000mah and also a 7cell nicd 1500mah battery packs and you though these packs thought were pretty good, here are some wise words that you had been living in an ignorant bliss.

Trying GP1100 7 cell would make you notice the difference in torque. The wheels would spin on take off and keep spinning and if you put 6 cell GP2000 you would notice that it is faster than 6 cell 3000Mah

Batteries make all the difference, especially matched packs. Elmo makes GP's available to the common RC cars for very low prices. They're not matched packs, and they're not priced like matched packs either. Maxamps are also fine but their packs cost like 6 bucks more than Elmo's. Maxamps advertises "factory matched" meaning they are within .02v of each other, which is the difference between a 1.16 and 1.18 cell. So basically they are the same cells as Boom Boom Batteries.

Boom Boom Batteries are coming out with matched packs. They got the machine setup already and have to just make some packs. IB3600s have known to have problems with voltages, lifespans, and run times. The IB3800s are apparently way superior to even the GP 3700s. They have very high voltages and long run times.

For some time now SPC has been selling 6-cell, matched, loose GP3300s. If you are looking for 2 assembled packs check out their Twin Maxx Pacs. For a reasonable price you get two, 6-cell matched and assembled packs of GP3300s. Runtimes average around 425 seconds at a 30-amp discharge. They are great packs with good soldering quality.

7.4v 830mAh Lithium Polymer (Poly-Li) Battery Pack have super high rate - 10-12C and also superior power and strength that makes you RC car or airplane a true champion. It uses a voltage of 7.4v and has capacity of 830mAh. It weighs only 1.5 oz. i.e. significantly lighter than NiMh battery pack. Lighter battery packs makes your engine runs much faster.

4.8V 1600mAh NiMH Battery Packs for RC Toy Cars have a voltage of .8V, 1600 mAh NMH? It also has a receiver battery for RC car. One gets to enjoy highest capacity and running times. It is compatible with all Nikko and RadioShack RC Toy cars.

7.2V 3000mAh Sadle Battery Pack for RC Car High quality is 7.2 V, 3000 mAh, saddle shape battery pack made of matched NiMH cells (6xSc). It rapidly charges up and high drain current up to 30 Amp. It fits many Losi and HPI RC vehicles. The best buy would be to buy two battery pack Plus a smart charger to keep your car running. Some precautions need to be taken with its charger, like not to use the charger for low capacity batteries pack (1100mah) or charge any other battery using this charger. Similarly, this battery’s charger is not to be used to charge 6V battery pack over capacity 3000mA or 1500mAh at 1.8A current level.

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