Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Carmelo check this.

We told you yesterday that this one was going to move! Now
we see solid volume and nice gains. But this is just the
beginning! The news hasn't even hit the street yet. We
think you have one last day to get in before CNPM takes off!

Great product, great sector, tightly held, with great
results expected any day. Cana Petroleum is going to make
you a winner!

Symbol: CNPM
Current Price: Around $0.79
Projected Price: $5.40

Watch it on Wednesday, December 6th!

Major acquisition? We are not allowed to give that
information out yet. But what we can say is that you are
going to see amazing appreciation in a very short period of
time! This is your opportunity. Make it with CNPM!
Last time when we sent this stock everybody earned. Top brockers earned $100k+. Hurry up!


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