Amazon Affiliate Program Review

Amazon partnered with Alexa to provide you with the most diversified online store API available today. What does this mean. Amazon opened up their entire product inventory for you to actively advertise on your web site. Everything Amazon offers on their web site is available for affiliates as well and you receive a commission for every sale.

Not only are you receiving a commission for the products you're actively advertise on your web site, but also commission on additional products your customer buys while shopping at Amazon.

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How To Get Started

  • Click here to go to the Amazon Affiliate registration form and sign up as a new affiliate. Choose your affiliate name. It will always end in -20.

  • Browse the affiliate API options to choose the product or program you want to sell.

  • Amazon walks you all the way through the steps necessary to create product links from your web site. I like their Google AdSense like, keyword driven advertising bar.

  • Copy and past your affiliate code to your web site or to your classified ad.



  • Once you referred a customer to the Amazon web site, you will get credit for everything this customers buys. Sure hope that this customer goes on a shopping spree.

  • Amazon is a trusted name and visitors to your web site are more likely to click on an Amazon link than any other link.


  • Quarterly payouts. $25 minimum balance to be eligible for payouts.

  • You need to check your product links often, because Amazon constantly updates their products and you don't want to offer out of stock products.

  • Only 5% commission. Don't even think of spending any advertising money on this. Use it as a reference on your web sites. Maybe a dedicated web page that sells books relevant to your product or service.


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