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Affiliate brokers become more and more essential in managing your online business. You don't need to have a product or service to sell to tap into the profit opportunities of the internet. Affiliate programs are a great way to start your own online business with basically no risk to you. The only risk you're facing is that you need to keep track of your advertising spending. You do want to make a profit, don't you?

Affiliate Brokers

The formula is simple (commission - advertising cost = profit or loss). As long as the commission is greater than the advertising cost you're making money. The other way around you're loosing money.

The best place to start your affiliate business is to sign up with the big 4 affiliate brokers. ClickBank, Commission Junction, LinkShare and Amazon. I spend some time to collect all the information about these programs and put together an overview of each one of them. This is by no means a complete analysis. You need to explore these programs by yourself. There's absolutely no risk involved. All 4 providers are free to join and you are not committing yourself to anything.

The biggest misperception about affiliate programs is that the product is more expensive if I buy it through an affiliate than buy it directly from the manufacturer. Many visitors try to cut off your affiliate id to get to the sales page with no referring affiliate attached. They do this to get a cheaper price.

The only one loosing in this case is you. You went through the efforts with  time and money to attract these visitors only to get cheated out of your hard earned commission. That's why most webmasters start using affiliate link cloakers to mask the affiliate id. These tools are hiding the affiliate link for the human eye and make sure that you will get your hard earned commission. Go to my free software page and download the free affiliate cloaker tool.


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If you are planning on running your own affiliate program you need to offer much more than high commissions and desirable products. Read made e-zine ads, solo ads, classified ads and email messages are an absolute must. A good affiliate program also offers a method to cloak your affiliate id and a build in tracking tool to measure your ad campaigns.

Proudly announcing my very own affiliate program. It offers all of the above plus many more features.

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Affiliate Brokers