Affiliate Program Review

LinkShare is a classic affiliate program broker. It is the least known affiliate program broker of the big 4. Like Commission Junction you must apply for each affiliate program separately and acceptance is not always guaranteed.

Most programs accept applications automatically after verifying the email address.


How To Get Started

  • Go to the LinkShare registration form and sign up as a new affiliate.

  • Like Commission junction you have to apply for an affiliate program. Big names and big brands are available. But the chances that you will be accepted to American Express's program are slim to none. Unless you have a very high traffic financial web site...

  • LinkShare offers many different options to set up your advertising, but like Commission Junction you need your own web site.



  • Quality Companies to choose from like WalMart, Amex, Delta, and many more.

  • Many niche market affiliate programs. AS an example: if you run a real estate site you might want mortgage, home improvement and insurance products to advertise for.


  • Very complicated system to actually create a link to put on your web site.

  • Commission vary, but are generally very small. Not worth spending any advertising money.

  • Selection of affiliate programs depends on your own web sites popularity. Most big names are turning you down due to not enough traffic.


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