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Affiliate Program Review

Commission Junction is the most complex system of them all. Although it is very complex it also offers the largest selection of products and affiliate programs. If you are interested in advertising for big names and big brands. Commission Junction is the place to be. The professional approach is further enforced by the policy that you have to submit your W9 form before you ever get a commission check.

Once you mastered the intimidating website of CJ, you will have access to the web's most comprehensive list of affiliate programs and their products. No need to sign up and remember hundreds of affiliate logins and passwords. CJ is my favorite affiliate program.


Commission Junction

How To Get Started

  • Click here to go to the CJ registration form and sign up as a new affiliate.

  • Before you can sell anything you have to select the affiliate provider. They will then decide if you are a fit for their program. This eliminates the "we sell everything" websites and preserves the professional touch.

  • After acceptance you will receive the link to the affiliate program and all the links you need to advertise the products.

  • You need a web site to run the advertising programs. Commission Junction not only tracks the click through rate, it also tracks the impressions on your website.


  • Payments are monthly and always accurate. Minimum payout amount is $25.

  • Largest selection of affiliate programs. Yahoo, eBay....

  • Affiliate programs range from product sales to lead generation commissions.


  • Very complex to set up and not very intuitive to manage.

  • Difficult to set up a pay-per-click campaign without using a landing page on your own web server.

  • You need your own website.



Commission Junction is the best source to find pay per lead affiliate programs. These are programs the pay you a set price for every lead you bring to this affiliate program. Get paid for offering something for free. This works like a charm.



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Commission Junction Review