Free Online Advertising

Your biggest asset when becoming an internet marketer is to know how to use free online advertising to get free targeted traffic to your web sites. It doesn't matter how many web sites you're promoting. Your primary goal should be to keep the cost down. It feels great to have monthly sales well into the thousands, but it also can ruin your day when you realize that most of this money goes right back into your advertising costs.

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There is one FREE membership site that offers all of the above and much, much more.

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Yes, there's a rule that you need to reinvest 75% of your profit into advertising and marketing. I like this rule, but it also needs to be timely constraint. I think this rule is good for your first 3-6 months of business. After this you should be able to pull back the cost for advertising without impacting your income streams.

Free Online Advertising

My philosophy in internet marketing is that if you have to spend a lot of money to keep a positive cash flow, the competition is probably too intense for this market segment. You will be better of to research a new niche market.


On the topic of free advertising, there are many free classified ad providers, but only a few offer truly free advertising. They all want something in return, there's no webmaster out there who promotes your stuff for free just because he/she feels like it today. One way to get free advertising is to tap into a startup company. Read more about free targeted traffic.


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Another way to receive free quality advertising is to give these webmasters what they want. In most cases it's a link from your website to their website. This can be a problem, especially if you want to keep your home page clean from too many flashy banners.

In this case try to figure out of the link back is required to be on your home page or any page from your website. If it's any page, create a collection web page that is not necessarily part of your whole web site and link back from their. To keep the flow put a tiny link from your home page to this page and you're done.


Don't even think about to put the link on your web page and a few days later you will remove it. These days the link back verification is done automatically and they will check from time to time if you keep your promise or not. Your free ride will suddenly stop and you will gain a reputation as cheater.


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To give you a taste on what to find on free classified ads I added this classified ad search form. It works like a search engine. Type in your item your looking for and the system will display the classified ads available. After you placed the classified ad your ad will appear in the display as well.

I'm sure you can't wait to get to the list of free classified ad providers to place your ads. Here it is, my favorite free classified ad sites.


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  • AdLand Pro
    • Classified ads to a targeted audience. besides classified ads, AdLandpro offers a whole variety of advertising tools and traffic exchange tools.

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  • Us Free Ads
    • A free classified ad service that projects your ad on on Google AdSense style network. If you choose the right key word combination you will be able to generate a lot of targeted traffic.

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  • Free Advertising Forum
    • With a Google page rank of 4 and an Alexa ranking of 4630 this is definitely a heavy hitter for free classified ads. This is the latest addition to my list and I'm gaining experience on its effectiveness as we speak. The latest information I have is that there are more than 85,000 registered users and increasing daily.

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  • Yahoo Classifieds
    • Yahoo lets you place a free ad on their network. The ad runs 7 days and it is a first come first serve base system. Every new ad will be place ahead of you ad. After 7 days your ad will expire. Due to the huge traffic your ad will be off the first results page within a couple of hours.

    • Here's little strategy you can apply for your Yahoo classified ad campaign.

      • For the next 7 days place an ad in Yahoo classified. One ad a day.
      • After you placed all 7 ads go back and edit your first ad. Simply change one word or add a word in your title.
      • Repeat this every day for the ad that just expired after 7 days.
    • This is a 5 minute task every day to be exposed to millions of visitors. It can't get any better than this.

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Free Online Advertising