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A free downloadable eBook can spread faster than the internet itself. It is an excellent media to read web content offline. Not everybody is connected to the internet via cable or DSL. For all the dial-up users, eBooks are the cure for researching web content offline and keeping your phone lines open to receive important calls.

eBook readers are typically reading their book offline and connect to the internet later to click through the links provided by the eBook. Most free eBooks are bonus giveaways for signing up to a newsletter. Through my Online Business Idea Center web site I'm offering these eBooks to you for free and without signing up to something you didn't want in the first place.

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There are literally thousands of free eBooks available and the number is increasing every day. I narrowed the list to a few eBooks that are very valuable and free. When downloading an eBook you also receive the right to redistribute the eBook on your website. Give it away like I do or add it to your bonus package. The choice is yours.

You will never find a more extensive free downloadable ebook library that gives out more valuable information for free. So what are you waiting for. Download all of them. You never know when you might need them.

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Download all of them to get most out of my free offer. You will be amazed about the rich content and the precise instructions to build your very own online business.

You have permission to freely distribute these ebooks. Send them to a friend or offer them as a free giveaway from your website.


Title Description
The Science of Making Money Online

This 325 page monster doesn't leave any question unanswered. This is the complete guide for anybody who wants to make money on the internet.

If you're just started with your online business, or if you are thinking of starting an online business, this is your guide. Oh, I almost forgot, it's completely free.

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The Viral Marketing Tutorial

Viral marketing is the key to any serious money made with your online business. Without viral marketing it is next to impossible to get anything going. Again, this is another FREE eBook brought to you by the Online Business Ideas authority .

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The Online Business Startup Guide

This is my first book I ever wrote and I hope you like what you're reading. It describes 5 levels of involvements to successfully start your own internet business. Different from most other books I put a step by step plan together that is based on how much time, money and effort you want to invest into your new internet business.

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The Lazy Man's Ultimate Software Library

“Uncover the Lazy Man’s Ultimate Software Library to Riches by Learning…

“How to Put Your Computer to Work Building Your Own Personal Internet Empire, Running on Autopilot, and Flooding Your Bank Account With Red-Hot Cash!”

“Just Use This 4 Piece Software Library, Alone or Together, To Create and Maximize Your Websites… And Fill Your Bank Account With Easy Cash From The Web! Let’s Investigate How Each One Works For You…”

By Jeff Alderson

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10 Basics For Starting Your Online Business

Learn how to successfully launch you online business in 10 basic steps. Easy to follow instructions and basic information on what is important to get it right the first time.

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15 Powerful Ways CBmall Makes You Money

CBmall is the unofficial search portal to the content of the information product provider ClickBank. Read more about ClickBank in my affiliate broker reviews. Jeff Mulligan created this powerful handbook that describes step by step how to make money with CBmall.

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101 Super Tips

A collection of tips ranging over the whole of the Internet Marketing field. Put these tips in action and see the magic unfold.

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Amazing Marketing Tactics How to sell 300% more of your product in 72 hours than you did all month!

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eBooks - A Complete Guide To Self-Publishing

Learn how to create and sell the internet's most popular product. The eBooks. Information is what the internet is all about. Internet users have the sincere desire to learn and will search for the information they desire.

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Starting And Running Your Internet Business The Right Way

"Chris Malta has to be one of the most knowledgeable writers on drop-shipping on the Internet..."

Peter Thiruselvam, Editor; Web Pro News Magazine

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The Affiliate Master Course

Targeted traffic is the life-blood of your online business. An increase in targeted traffic produces more sales which in turn produces more income for you. But how do you generate this type of profitable traffic?

The Affiliate Masters Course offers the total solution. It will help you build a Web site that will pull in targeted traffic (in a way that the Search Engines love!) and that your visitors will find beneficial due to its solid-gold content.

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Make Your Net Auction Sell - The Masters Course

No financial risk. Easy start-up. Targeted customers waiting -- no, I should say, actively searching -- for your product or service. Own schedule. High profits... ahh... that's the ideal business scenario.

A Net auction business has all these ingredients and more.

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Make Your Price Sell - The Masters Course

Making it on the Net depends on getting the price right... for you and your customers. You may not get a second chance if your price is off base the first time around. An anxious-to-please competitor is only a click away.

Your prospective customer must feel that s/he will personally "profit" by buying your product -- that it's personally worth it -- before a credit card will come out of the wallet. "Make Your Price Sell!, The Masters Course" will show you how to determine the "perfect price"... the price point where both you and your customers profit.

The "Perfect Price" is an important component of your future online success equation...

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The Netwriting Masters Course Anyone can succeed on the Net with the right words and the right process. You know how to "persuade" in your daily life. Now you just need to adjust and fine-tune this skill for the Net.

And it all starts with this core business-building foundation...

"Information, information, information."

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The Webmaster Business Masters Course It's takes more than just strong design skills to create a profitable Webmastering business. Just like any other venture offline or online, a solid foundation and operating framework are critical for long-term success.

Creativity on its own is not enough to generate income, and more importantly, recurring income. You need business smarts as well.

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The Service Sellers Masters Course In order to sell a service successfully online, you need to attract and establish a credible relationship with potential clients. They need to know and trust you before they will choose your service over the competition.

How can you accomplish these goals?

The Service Sellers Masters Course provides the complete answer.

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The Greatest Marketing Secrets of Ages

This is the classic marketing report "The Greatest Marketing Secrets of Age" by Yanik Silver. Inside this ebook you’ll find incredible wisdom distilled from the greatest marketing wizards. Use it and profit from it!

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These eBooks Will Make You A Lot Of Money, But They Are Not Free

Although these eBooks are not free, they are goldmines of information that will make you a fortune in the long run.

Title Description
Free Downloadable eBook

Internet Cash Machine

The Simple 4 Step System To Create Your Own Internet Cash Machines!

You get full resell rights to Internet Cash Machines when you order. You get the product and the full site. Just plug in your name and address, upload it to your web site and start making sales. You keep the money!

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Stay Home And Make Money On eBay

43 year old mother of 3 pulls down $2000 a week on eBay....

Sound impossible? It's not, thousands of people are doing it right now. There are some making much more than that and this new ebook written by David Vallieres shows you exactly how it's done.

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Internet Marketing Goldmine

Internet Marketing Goldmine

An amazingly simple, tested and proven strategy for making a living online, involves just 3 key steps:

1) Offering an in-demand product or service.
2) Reaching targeted prospects.
3) Closing the sale.

Master these and you'll be among the savvy few who know how to turn the Internet into their own money machine. Internet Marketing Goldmine reveals this and other crucial strategies. But that's not all...

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Killer Mini Sites

Killer Mini Sites

This brand-new report shows you the exact step-by-step techniques used by internet marketing experts to create mini-sites that sell and sell and then sell some more...

Not only will I show you the techniques they use... I actually went further and dissected their most intimate strategies!

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22 Secret Hot Buttons

The World's 22 Most Powerful Marketing "Hot Buttons"

The World's 22 Most Powerful Marketing "Hot Buttons" 

And How to Press Them to Sell More Things To More People More Often



  • Killer Conversion Strategies

  • How to Market Using Postcards

  • Unstoppable Marketing Words

  • How to Create News Releases and Press Releases

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