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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very extensive topic. There are hundreds of books and even more web sites available to cover this topic. If you want to start your own SEO company I suggest to start reading us much as you can about SEO and be prepared to keep up with this topic for the rest of your business life. Search engines are known to change their rules often and without warning. If you finally got something working don't be surprised if it stops working shortly after.

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I'm talking about search engine rankings and keyword optimization. In case you still don't have a clue what I'm talking about. I try to explain the whole relationship between your web site and the search engines. Why is this so important? Well, you just uploaded your brand new web site. Ready for customers and it looks pretty too. Guess what the chances are that you will actually have somebody stop by and look at the stuff you have to offer. Slim to none. It's like putting up a billboard in the middle of a desert.

80% of the internet users are accessing the web through the major search engines. Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, Ask Jeeves, etc. They don't have a clue who they will find, they barely know the exact thing they're looking for. They depend completely on the search results. If you don't show up on the first or second page of the search results pages, you're not existing. You will be invisible to most people surfing the internet.

That's why some webmasters try any trick in the book to cheat the search engines. Be assured that every loophole will be closed by the search engines sooner or later.


Information ImageSearch Engine Case Study

Let's do a quick case study. Let's say Joe is looking for the movie schedule for a movie theater nearby. He doesn't care what movie he wants to see nor does he know the theater's website. He starts out with searching for 'movie schedule', then 'movie times local theater' maybe 'movie guide my town'. These are just examples. But to make my point Joe is guessing. There's a chance that he won't find what he's looking for. Most people now are using very descriptive search terms like 'find the movie schedules of the theater in my town'. This is a very precise order to the search engines to get Joe what he wants to find.

If your website doesn't offer a movie schedule for a movie theater in Joe's town the search engines won't even look at you to present Joe the results he's looking for. That's when many webmasters tried to fool the search engines and pretend to have exactly this information, but they really don't. Explaining these tricks would take up my entire web site and then some. Search engines have caught up with these tricks and even if you find a new trick it will be short lived. Bottom line you will be busy for the rest of your life to try to outsmart the search engines.

So how can I get on the map of the major search engines? Very simple, it's called niche marketing. You need to find a market that's very specific, very narrow, and yes very few customers. But guess what? These few customers appreciate every word you're publishing and they are most likely very open to buy stuff from you. The trick is to find these niche markets.

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How do you find them. Well I can't tell you how otherwise it is not a niche market anymore. Too many marketers will jump on it. But I can recommend a book that will tech you step by step how to find your niche market and create a sales producing web site. Best of all it's free.

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If you follow the instructions step by step you should be well positioned for your niche market of your choice and changes in the search engine optimization world won't bother you at all. The key to your success is a theme based web site. Nothing more and nothing less.


SEO Tools I Recommend

  • Information ImageIBP - Internet Business Promoter

    • Axandra create an must have tool for all webmasters who want to take care of web business. This is the Swiss army knife for search engine optimization. I couldn't do it without this tool.

    • Read more about its features and download a 14 day fully functional demo.


  • Arelis - Reciprocal Link Manager

    • Another product of Axandra I swear by. Unlike other reciprocal link managers. Arelis gives you full control over with whom you exchange links and how valuable the link exchange is. Based on these criteria you actually create a relevance hierarchy that will be honored by your visitors. Search engines also love the fact that you carefully create your link exchange strategy.

    • Read more about its features and download a 14 day fully functional demo.


  • LinkMachine - Reciprocal Link Manager

    • Linkmachine takes care of all your reciprocal link exchange needs. Besides the typical organization tasks and categorizing links, Linkmachine works behind the scenes. It offers the all popular add link button where other webmasters can register their web site.

    • If you're looking to create a reciprocal link repository very quickly and not paying attention to the quality of your link exchanges. Linkmachine is the way to go. Of course you can clean up your mess later on. Linkmachine offers a function to select all links with a Google PageRank 0 and lets you remove these links. But again that's after the fact and defeats the fully automatic approach.

    • Read more about its features and download this free tool now.


  • Site Build It - Ken Evoy's out of the box all inclusive web service.

    • Site Build It (SBI) is a complete concept that primarily focuses on creating web sites that are perfectly optimized for search engines. It also offers built in web design to make the optimized web sites look nice as well.

    • Ken provides the most comprehensive support for webmasters I'm aware of. There's nothing left to a chance. There's no guarantee that you will get a high traffic web site, but most of the web sites on Site Build It are high traffic web sites.

    • 62% are in the top 3% of Alexa's traffic ranking system. 32% are in the top 1% out of over 56 million web sites.

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