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I already stated my opinion on targeted traffic and how important niche markets are for small businesses. However I think this topic is so important that I will dedicate this page to niche markets and affiliate programs that are focusing on these niche markets.

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Let's put a definition for niche markets and niche market advertising strategies in place so we don't loose sight on what I'm talking about. A niche market is a market specially for people with a very narrow and defined interest. The Parrot Head Club (Jimmy Buffet's fan club) is an example. First of all you need to know who Jimmy Buffet is. Living in Florida this is public knowledge. Second these people will buy anything that is remotely related to Jimmy Buffet.

Now that's a niche market. Very narrow and a possibility of a high conversion ratio if you keep your advertising efforts focused on the niche market. Finding a niche market and monetizing on a niche market are two separate things.

You are selling old records from Jimmy Buffet. You found the Parrot Head Club, Great! Now you set up an advertising campaign addressing all music lovers. Well, you just blew the opportunity in monetizing the niche market. Yes you mentioned Jimmy Buffet in the ad. This doesn't stop people from clicking on your paid per click ad to find out who Jimmy Buffet is. Chances are that they are leaving your site with no purchase.

I'm not saying that you won't make any sales, but the cost per sale will be way too high to make a profit. If you're lucky you break even. Didn't we start our own business to make money? So, stay focused and work your niche market all the way.

Here are my favorite niche market affiliate programs.


Jeff Mulligan did a great job in creating a search portal for ClickBank to address niche markets like

  • Real Estate

  • Automotive

  • Health

  • Finance

  • Music

  • Auction

  • Romance

This service is free and it allows you to capitalize on visitors you would have lost before. Let's say you're advertising a real estate book. You get a visitor, but he/she decided that this isn't the book they're looking for. The visitor leaves and you don't get a chance to follow up.

With Jeff's service you will place an exit popup on you web site and when the visitor leaves your site the popup presents a search engine like window that allows to search and browse real estate related products. If the before lost visitor finds what he/she were looking for, bingo - you get the commission.

Click here to sign up for this amazing free service.

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Ken Evoy create a web hosting / web service / web design / web development company that emphasizes completely on the concept of niche market marketing.

Ken's philosophy is that you should give the search engines what they want and they want content rich theme oriented web sites that are specifically targeted. Ken also believes that sooner or later this would be the only way to achieve high rankings in the search engines.

All the little tricks webmasters are using to push their rankings will be useless or too expensive to maintain. If you take a closer look at my web site, you will notice that every page is keyword optimized and the whole web site follows the same theme. Every time I create a new web site I try to optimize the theme concept even more. So far I'm pleased with the results.

It would be too overwhelming to go into detail about this amazing company and its products. Please click here to read a little bit more about the products or download Ken's free masters courses from my free eBook library.

Click here to take a look at Ken's affiliate program.


Dish Satellite TV

The Dish Satellite Network affiliate program is offered through VMC Satellite Systems. They have an offline, phone based order system and itís free. This is a great program. It absolutely costs you nothing and you get the opportunity to receive up to $50 - $100 per sale.


They offer marketing material with your personal promotion code and if somebody orders the system you get the commission. Just print their flyers using your own printer or a copy shop. Invite your friends to join you in your new business and you will create a nice sales force that will produce some nice profits for you and your friends.


Then you walk around your neighborhood and/or your community and hand out these flyers. If you donít want to hand out the flyers yourself, the US Postal Service offers a great service. For a small fee they actually print and deliver the flyers to targeted addresses directly into prospect customerís mailbox.

Click here to take a look at this great affiliate program.


Niche Markets