Paid Advertising

What's the difference between paid advertising and search engine advertising? Search engine advertising is a targeted approach to reach future customers. Traditional paid advertising is a broad approach that will reach people that are not even interested what you have to sell.

In the online world I'm referring to ezine or newsletter solo ads. This means that your ad will be send out to thousands of readers via email. There are thousands of ezines and newsletters with millions of readers. Your job is to find the right publication for your product.

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Don't advertise search engine optimization tools to the readers of a bird club. You totally missed the boat on that one. Waste of time and money. Focus on the target audience like you would do it with your pay per click advertising.

You could search the internet with the search engines and pretty much stay busy for the rest of the year to figure which ezines or newsletters you should consider, or you could you the fine little tool that I used to promote my articles.


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EzineAnnouncer will shave weeks of your research time and easily keeps track to whom you submitted the ad. Yes, I will get a commission when you buy this tool. Will I pay more? No, the price is the same as if you buy it directly from the author.

I'm not recommending the tool because I will make a commission, but because of its usefulness and completeness. It would take you literally weeks if not months to research all the directories and publishing web sites. EzineAnnouncer has it all built in.


The right target audience is key in a successful paid advertising campaign. Also the right price is a major factor. How much will you pay? Most newsletter charge you different prices depending on the location of your ad. The first ad in the newsletter is typically the most expensive.

My observation is that the 3rd ad or article gets the most attention. This is not proven science just simple observation and experience from past ad campaigns.

Where else than search engines, ezines and newsletters can I place paid advertising? You can send the webmaster of a high traffic web site, with similar content than yours, a friendly email and express the interest in a paid ad campaign on their web site.

Or you can utilize the services of the free classified servers.  Most of them offer a paid version of their classifieds which will make your ad more visible. My experience with paid advertising on classified ads is positive so far.


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This is a perfect example of how to calculate the success of a solo ezine ad with a residual income program.

Let's say you run a solo ad for Host4Profit in a well known ezine. It costs you $50 to place the ad. Your tracking tells you that you have 3 new members for Host4Profit that will pay you $10 a month each.

Well, initially you would say the ad is a failure. Not so fast. Your ad created 3 new members that will pay $10 a month as long as they are with Host4Profit. In the first month you have a net loss of $20 ($30 residual income - $50 ad cost = -$20). But in the second month you have a net win of $10 ($60 residual income - $50 ad cost = $10). You do the math what it means from now on.

My point is that the initial return of a solo ad for a membership program can be misleading.